Health Shelf for students helps lighten stress

Health Shelf for students helps lighten stress
(Darren DeLaune/Reporter) The ‘Health Shelf,’ was started in 2015 to help College of the Muscogee Nation students who need basic necessities such as hygiene products, laundry detergent and blankets.

Help available to students on, off campus

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The Muscogee (Creek) Nation College of Muscogee Nation wanted to help make some of their students’ college life a little less stressful, and allow them to focus more on their schoolwork.

That idea turned into a ‘Health Shelf.’

Health Shelf?

“Yes, it is called the Health Shelf,” CMN Case Manager Elise Brown said.

The idea started in 2015 when instructors were telling the employees about students who did not have basic necessities.

“As far as hygiene necessities,” Brown said. “So we were all figuring out what we could do to help them.”

Brown said it started as travel items such as hotel shampoo and bar soap.

“As it grew, we wanted to get full-size items,” she said. “That would help the students with longer lasting items.”

She said it also began with staff bringing things in but now they are taking donations from others.

“We started going to conferences and we would give shirts if they donated to the Health Shelf,” Brown said. “Everybody loves T-shirts.”

Brown understands that being a student is hard and money can be scarce at times.

“We want to do all that we can to alleviate that stress,” she said.

She said the effort is for students staying on or off campus.

“If we can provide them with these, that is one less thing that is on their mind,” Brown said. “We understand they have families and they have to care for them too.”

Brown said they are good at not going overboard on getting what they need from the shelf.

“We have not had any problems,” she said. “Our students know what they need and they will grab it. They understand that there are other students needing those as well.”

She said students walk in and tell her what they need. She reminds them to come back if they run out and the shelf will be there for them.

“I will let them look but never ask questions on why they need it,” Brown said.

Brown said that if she is not there, those in need can go to the other staff and they will unlock her door so people can look over the Health Shelf.

To donate, call: 918-549-2800 or: 918-549-2845.

“We are full right now with toiletries, but one thing we could use would be bed sheets,” Brown said. “Twin size bed sheets is what our dorm rooms have and the students here could use those.”


Blankets and laundry detergent are also appreciated.


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