Sunday school teacher retires after 66 years

Sunday school teacher retires after 66 years

Citizen retires from Sunday school after teaching for 66 Years

By T.C. Buck/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma- Since 1950 Dale Lynn has been teaching Sunday school.  66 years later, he is ready to retire.

“I taught lessons from each book of the Bible.  There are 66 books in the Bible.  One year for each book in the Bible,” Lynn said.  “An older friend needed someone to teach Sunday school for boys ages 8-10.  I already made up my mind to start teaching.”

Last month he retired from this position from Beggs First Assembly of God.  The church held a celebration for him and his service to his community.

The original allotment land, in which Lynn lives now, is a 200-acre ranch and is home to more than 100 head of Angus cows.  Lynn tends them with his grandson and son-in-law at his leisure.

When Lynn and his wife have time to travel, they take their 21-foot foot trailer on a four-day trip to Canton, Texas to peruse what is considered the United States’ oldest and largest continually operating outdoor flea market.  They are already planning their next trip, which will be to Branson, Missouri this time, and again Canton, Texas in October. Lynn’s traveling hobby is the pay-off of hard work.

Before Lynn was a teacher, he was first a student.  He obtained his bachelor’s degree in industrial parts with a minor in math, which he taught for twelve years.  In 1962 he had his start in St. Louis, Oklahoma. His educational career moved him from Wainwright, Beggs, Oktaha, and Wilson where he finally retired from teaching in 1996.  All the while he would teach Sunday school lessons in each community.

Lynn went on to work for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation under Housing Improvement.  Soon after he started working for the BIA in a similar position.

Lynn is a supporter to his community and respected by those that know him.

“I think its time someone younger heads Sunday school.  Lynn will be 86 in January.” Lynn’s daughter Janet Bookout said.

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