Arts combined to bring special night of entertainment

Arts combined to bring special night of entertainment
(Darren DeLaune/Reporter) The Philbrook Museum of Art and Tulsa Ballet join forces to bring a special event to Tulsa Sept. 29 called, ‘Ballet in the Gardens.’

Ballet, painting featured in inaugural Tulsa event

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

TULSA, Oklahoma — Numerous performances in Tulsa featured a combination of two arts by two collaborating organizations throughout the month of September.

The finale for Philbrook Museum of Art and Tulsa Ballet partnership was the, ‘Ballet in the Gardens,’ held Sept. 29 at Philbrook.

“These performances pushed the boundaries of both of our arts,” TB Artistic Director Marcello Angelini said. “This is new territory for Philbrook and Tulsa Ballet.”

PMA Director Scott Stulen said the combination created something different.

“It is really special,” he said. “This is the first time we have come together to create a new work of art.”

Stulen said there were 10 performances at the ballet studio, Studio K and the final performance was at PMA.

Both Angelini and Stulen spoke about how they got this idea going.

“The idea began from both of us when we sat down and had a glass of wine, or a few,” Angelini said.

Stulen said numerous things came together from these conversations.

“Those ideas are what you are seeing tonight,” he said.

Three performances were shown that evening for BITG. The first two were by TB while the third one was by both organizations.

For the third performance, the dancer, after making the first stroke on the canvas begins his performance followed by artist Eric Sall who finishes the painting.

“There is nothing better than having a performance in the gardens of Philbrook,” Angelini said. “This place is fantastic.”

Angelini said an outside performance is different because of the elements.

“You never know if you could get a bird or another animal on stage,” he said. “This is good preparation though because we know we can perform outside.”

Stulen said to keep an eye out for other events at Philbrook and Tulsa Ballet.

For upcoming events at Philbrook visit: and for Tulsa Ballet visit:

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