Bite size goodies rekindles memories

Bite size goodies rekindles memories
(DeLaune/MNN) Rex’s Chicken, located at 11982 S. Memorial Drive in Bixby, is now open.

MCN builds partnership with historic brand

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

BIXBY, Oklahoma — Muscogee Nation Business Enterprise has something to smile about. Through patience and waiting for the right time, they finally have something to show for their long awaited partnership with Rex’s Chicken.

MNBE Chief Executive Officer Woody Anderson said this partnership began four years ago. At that time they were working with the travel plazas throughout the Muscogee (Creek) Nation jurisdiction and they wanted to think of other ways to bring revenue in.

“We wanted to look into other business opportunities,” he said. “This (Rex’s Chicken) was one of them.”

According to the Rex’s Chicken website, the restaurant first opened in 1951 in a gas station. In 1976, Vernon McFarland opened 55 locations with the first opening in McAlester. In 2007 Rex’s Chicken Franchise System LLC was founded with the purpose of carrying on the tradition of McFarland.

Anderson said it was an opportunity to take the Rex’s that a lot of people his age and older knew and build on that tradition.

“It is building a business relationship with this beautiful franchise,” he said.

The restaurant is located in Bixby, and is the first one opened under the partnership with MNBE and Rex’s Chicken. Anderson said they have the rights in over 36 states to build these franchises.

“This is kind of the flagship for us, starting out,” Anderson said.

Anderson talked about the delay in getting the location ready for the public. He said there were talks of location and the timing of getting Rex’s Chicken here in the MCN jurisdiction.

“I’m glad we delayed it because where we have the store now is a great location along with a great manager,” he said.

He said the location is a good area and is growing with other businesses and housing.

“It is great visibility on our location,” Anderson said. “People can see us and it is easy access.”

Rex’s Chicken General Manager Angelita Clement said they have been getting great feedback from customers at their restaurant, both local and out of town.

“We have been hearing great things from people that been coming in,” she said. “People are connecting with the Rex’s brand.”

Clement believes the history of Rex’s Chicken helps with the growing customers.

“We have a great following,” Clement said. “Our customers do come back to us because they love the food.”

Anderson said Clement has done a great job hiring employees.

“We have been hiring for some time,” he said. “We want people who have an interest with us to give us a call.”

Anderson hopes to expand this brand out to other states.

“We have been receiving very strong interests from states such as Kansas, Texas, Florida and Ohio to name a few,” he said. “There are also other places in Oklahoma that want Rex’s Chicken.”

For more information about Rex’s Chicken or employment opportunities, contact Clement at: 918-364-3164.

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