Board approves dispensing of marijuana

Board approves dispensing of marijuana
(Shutterstock) The Oklahoma State Board of Health approved rules July 10 for medical marijuana.

Smoking of the drug prohibited

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKLAHOMA CITY — With a 5-4 vote, members of the Oklahoma State Board of Health approved rules July 10 for medical marijuana with one very important change.

According to a Public Radio Tulsa article, pills, oils, topical creams, tinctures and liquids are the only forms medical marijuana will be dispensed. Smoking the product will not be allowed.

The rules prohibit dispensing marijuana in a flower, dry leaf or plant form.

OSBH member Charles Skillings introduced the change for the vote.

“I don’t think we’re protecting the public that doesn’t smoke. In fact, I think we’re imposing a hazard on them,” he said.

The article stated the health board changed the definition of dispensary manager to require a pharmacist to hold the position.

“It is a problem to have Schedule I drugs being recommended, prescribed by a doctor… and not be filled, then, by a pharmacist, who is an expert on chemicals and medication and interactions,” board member Dr. Murali Krishna said. “And many of the marijuana products have a number of interactions with a number of medications, like, common medications. Fluvoxamine — significant level changes happen in some of the medications.”

The health department said they will submit a list of policy gaps to state lawmakers to address next session.

ACLU Oklahoma said the changes ‘guarantees litigation.’

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