Café celebrates one-year anniversary

Café celebrates one-year anniversary
(Darren DeLaune/Reporter) Head Cook and Kitchen Manager Benny McClellan prepares breakfast for customers waiting at Twin Hills Café.

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

No town nearby, no problem

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Nine miles north of Morris, Oklahoma on State Highway 52, there is a café to stop, relax and enjoy a great chicken fried steak.

Twin Hills Café started in late 2017 and celebrated its one-year anniversary Oct. 9.

The restaurant ran specials for customers on the anniversary to show its appreciation.

“It is giving back to the community for their support,” Head Cook and Kitchen Manager Benny McClellan said.

McClellan said it has been a lot of hard work and also and amazing feeling.

“For someone to be way out on the prairie and not near any other town and have people come in constantly, it shows the quality service and food that we have here for everyone,” he said.

They do the majority of their advertising on Facebook but usually word of mouth gets people into the restaurant.

“We catch all the traffic and business is good,” McClellan said.

In the year that they have been in service, the café has been very popular among patrons.

They were even voted ‘Best Chicken Fried Steak,’ in Okmulgee County by the Okmulgee County Restaurant Review.

“That was the icing on the cake to go with the one-year anniversary,” McClellan said.

Waitress Amber Tiger has been at the place since it opened, and enjoys her work and the people she gets to meet.

“We get so busy that sometimes people are waiting outside,” she said. “It is a nice feeling that we are being noticed way out here.”

She said the café has regulars that show up everyday or every other day.

“We have our regulars, but mostly it is the people who have heard about us through someone else,” Tiger said.

With the first year under their belt, McClellan said the restaurant has some promotions on the horizon and specials to go with the coming holidays.

“We are always trying to turn out good quality food,” he said. “We are always coming up with something new.”

For more information, visit their Facebook page at:

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