• What is your clan?

    What is your clan?3

    Liz Gray/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Your clan is your kin, your people. The Mvskoke people are made up of several pieces. Tribal towns, clans, and families connect us and give us commonality. Familiar names are a piece of heritage. Like Chebon Harjo essentially being the Mvskoke John Smith. Maybe John Smith is a bad example

  • Screen Time

    Screen Time0

    Kevin Barnett/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — With the prevalence of laptops, smartphones and tablets being used by children, you have to wonder: ‘How much screen time is too much?’ The past few years has seen a rise in the number of studies being conducted regarding the effects of time spent consuming digital media and the findings

  • History Preserved

    History Preserved0

    Kevin Barnett/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Over 20 years ago, Muscogee (Creek) citizen Danny Beaver was introduced to Powwow by his Lakota uncle, Jeff Wood. “He didn’t have any kids to pass it on to and so he was teaching me more traditional ways,” Beaver said. It was this introduction to traditional Lakota dance that eventually


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