• A review of ‘Fire Song’

    A review of ‘Fire Song’0

    Liz Gray/Reporter An average ‘rez’ life struggle story with a twist OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Teen suicide, homosexuality and reservation life. These are the hot points to connect with Native youth today that the book ‘Fire Song’ by Adam Garnet Jones hits. These major points are brought forth from the beginning starting with a memorial service.

  • A review of ‘Urban Tribes’

    A review of ‘Urban Tribes’0

    Joshua Slane/Mvskoke Media Contributor Collection of stories attempts to answer question of identity OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Identity. That’s a big deal these days. White. Black. Native American. First Nation. Muscogee. Cherokee. Choctaw. Male. Female. Transgender. Pansexual. Straight. Homosexual. Daughter. Son. Mother. Father. There’s a lot of ways to answer and even more ways to ask.

  • Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

    Emvpanayv: One who tells the story0

    Gary Fife/Radio Communications Specialist Sacred relic, Murphy, health, Jim Thorpe movie, Ol’ Hickory OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Lots of ramblings to share this month, but here’s some good news that Native folks will enjoy: an anonymous donor purchased a sacred relic and returned it to its tribe of origin. ‘Native News Online’ reports, in Welch, Minnesota,

  • The Table: IHS and Gaming

    The Table: IHS and Gaming0

    OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Mvskoke Media Broadcast Specialist Jerrad Moore, Multimedia Producer Jason Salsman, Managing Editor Jessica McBride and Manager Sterling Cosper discuss the Muscogee (Creek) Nation v. Indian Health Service case as well as the recent law passed by the State of Oklahoma allowing craps and roulette in casinos. Read the IHS lawsuit here. Read

  • DeLaune’s Corner: Family strength comes in surprising places

    DeLaune’s Corner: Family strength comes in surprising places0

    ‘Looking back. He did not need us. We needed him in our lives. He found us and because of him, he has strengthened us more.’

  • MNYC May Update

    MNYC May Update0

    Darrell Proctor II/MNYC Speaker OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Hensci! It has been a busy month for the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council (MNYC). Members of the MNYC participated in the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Fair held on April 3 at the Sam Noble Museum. MNYC was well represented in several categories. Charles Mason, Sutv Harjo, Louisa


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