• Felon fought the law and the law won

    Felon fought the law and the law won0

    Darren DeLaune/Reporter OKEMAH, Oklahoma — Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Tribal Police Department Captain Patrick Williams and partner, K-9 Nitro were called to Okemah, Okla., June 22, to assist Okemah Police Department in apprehending a man who had felony warrants. “I received a call about a suspect and was asked if we were able to assist,”

  • What is your clan?

    What is your clan?3

    Liz Gray/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Your clan is your kin, your people. The Mvskoke people are made up of several pieces. Tribal towns, clans, and families connect us and give us commonality. Familiar names are a piece of heritage. Like Chebon Harjo essentially being the Mvskoke John Smith. Maybe John Smith is a bad example

  • Screen Time

    Screen Time0

    Kevin Barnett/Reporter OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — With the prevalence of laptops, smartphones and tablets being used by children, you have to wonder: ‘How much screen time is too much?’ The past few years has seen a rise in the number of studies being conducted regarding the effects of time spent consuming digital media and the findings


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