• Silent, but deadly

    Silent, but deadly0

    Citizen lets her play do the talking Darren DeLaune/Reporter KELLYVILLE, Oklahoma — Muscogee (Creek) citizen Kailyn Bearpaw is very quiet when she is around people she does not know. Her competitiveness, however, speaks volumes whether she is on the basketball court, softball diamond or running for her track and field team. “I let how I

  • A Mvskoke’s vision

    A Mvskoke’s vision1

    “That first show, I had hair and I look like I been stung by 80 bees because I’m swole up so bad, but I was excited.”—Mvskoke Vision Host Jason Salsman

  • Theft in the world of Indian Art

    Theft in the world of Indian Art0

    Liz Gray/Reporter IACB program specialist discusses fraudulent arts and crafts OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — This year the largest Native American art fraud case, which has accused multiple businesses manufacturing imported or falsely distributed Native American style jewelry as genuine has made an appearance in the court system. Two businesses and five men are being charged with


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