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Changes to Building Code approved during extraordinary session

Changes to Building Code approved during extraordinary session
(MNN File Photo) The Muscogee (Creek) National Council held an extraordinary session Aug. 8 at the Mound Building in Okmulgee, Okla.

Jessica McBride/Managing Editor

Contract with Rosette approved

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The Muscogee (Creek) National Council held an extraordinary session Aug. 8 at the Mound Building in Okmulgee.

The Council addressed the following legislation, the description of which is attributed to the language in the bills.

MCN Attorney General Kevin Dellinger said during the session that the changes revolved around health and safety issues.

“This is a grey area that we don’t have covered at the moment, where we have a building inspector who can go on properties and inspect facilities that the Nation is building or others are building as well on property that we have jurisdiction over,” he said.

Dellinger said the building inspector is already on staff with the Nation and the legislation will expand their abilities and make them law.

He said the main purpose is to make sure buildings are constructed correctly, and at this time there are not any fees associated with building permits described in the legislation, but fees could be added at a later date.

Dellinger said the building inspector is a different position than the Tribal Construction engineer.

Jones was absent for the vote.

TR 17-112 Authorizing the execution of an attorney services contract between MCN and Rosette LLP. Rep. Robert Hufft sponsored the resolution, which passed 8-4 with Rep. Dode Barnett, Thomas Yahola, Joyce Deere and Mark Randolph voting against it.

The legislation was postponed during the July session.

Hufft motioned to discuss the legislation in executive session. Mvskoke Media is unable to report any discussions held during executive session.

The Nation would like to use Rosette for legal matters.

A motion was made to have the firm report to the MCN Attorney General’s Office instead of the executive and legislative branches and cap the hourly billing rate at $20,000. The motion passed 11-1 with Randolph voting against it.

Barnett asked during the session if a resolution was needed, or if the office could approve a contract without the Council. Dellinger responded that the resolution would be needed since the legislation states that the funding will come from the Council.

Reps. David Hill, Rufus Scott and Darrell Proctor were excused.

The legislation will go on to the principal chief for signature. Legislation passed during an extraordinary session is addressed by the full Council and does not need to go to the regular session for approval.

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