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Church holds annual summer camp

Church holds annual summer camp
(DeLaune/MNN) A summer camp held by Springfield United Indian Methodist Church is in its second year. Campers participated in a social game of stickball at the marina.

“We want kids out of their comfort zones and to fellowship through Christ.” – Summer camp coordinator John Wolfe

Camp aims to teach children about Christ through activities

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

CHECOTAH, Okla. — A church is doing something for the children in the local area.

Springfield United Indian Methodist Church out of Okemah, had their second annual church camp, they hosted it at Fountainhead Marina in Checotah.

“This place is great,” Camp coordinator John Wolfe said. “It has a lot of space and there are a lot of things to do for everyone.”

Wolfe said the mission for the camp is to help the campers get closer to Jesus Christ and to get them motivated and excited.

“We want fun for them,” Wolfe said. “We want them to have a great time while they are out here.”

Wolfe said they keep the attendance of the camp close to 50 children. The church handles the expenses for the camp and accepts donations.

“The members of Springfield help with fundraisers and we also get donations from other areas of the community,” Wolfe said. “We do not charge anything for the kids or their parents.”

Children from other churches have heard about the camp and asked to participate with SUIMC.

“We made it open to all of the kids who are around the area,” Wolfe said. “We want them to participate with us also.”

Some of the activities taught during the camp were arts and crafts, and the Mvskoke language.

“We wanted to teach them how to speak Creek, sing Creek songs and to read the Bible in Creek,” Wolfe said.

Another activity was playing stickball during the camp. Wolfe said some might frown upon that because it is from the ceremonial grounds and was played at a church camp, but he wants to teach the children their culture.

“We need to look past that,” Wolfe said. “These kids are out here being active, playing a game that is a part of their culture.”

Wolfe said he feels stickball would be the same concept as learning Mvskoke hymns.

“Both stickball and singing our hymns, yes they are different but it is still our culture,” Wolfe said.

Wolfe said it does not matter if you go to a Methodist church, or a Baptist church, or if you belong to a ceremonial ground, he would like for the children to attend the camp.

“That does not matter to us,” Wolfe said. “We want kids out of their comfort zones and to fellowship through Christ.”

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