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Citizen began running for friends, continues for himself

Citizen began running for friends, continues for himself
(DeLaune/MNN) Muscogee (Creek) citizen Phoenix Randleman said his love of running has grown through the years.

“I just wanted to run. They were all running and that is how I picked up on it.” – Muscogee (Creek) citizen Phoenix Randleman

Randleman hopes for future Olympic glory

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

KIEFER, Okla. — Muscogee (Creek) citizen Phoenix Randleman said he picked up on running because he saw that his friends were doing it.

“I just wanted to run,” Randleman said. “They were all running and that is how I picked up on it.”

What his friends helped him start has turned into his favorite sport.

“I began because of my friends,” Randleman said. “I wanted to practice and do what I can to get better.”

He began to put more time into running in seventh grade.

Randleman said he is a long distance runner. He said he likes it more than the short distances because there are not as many people that are those types of runners.

“I like running the mile,” Randleman said. “That is what I run in cross-country. You just show up and run a mile.”

He said the distance in cross-country races will be longer when he gets into high school.

“When I am in high school I will run the 5k (3.1 miles),” Randleman said.

Randleman said his fastest time in the 1-mile run is 5 minutes and 10 seconds. He wants that time to improv.

“I can improve on that time,” he said. “I want to make that better.”

Randleman said his running skills are self-taught. He also said that his mother, Jessica Wisner, taught him what she knew. She is a runner as well.

“Being a runner myself, I know how hard it is,” Wisner said. “All runners understand how you beat your body up to perform at that level.”

Randleman belongs to the Jenks America Track Club, which has produced numerous national champions and other runners that continued running at the college level.

He said he loves the JATC training and environment.

“The training is different from what I use to do,” Randleman said. “It is night and day comparing my running from then until now.”

Wisner said a lot of runners from around the state come to JATC because they know how successful they can become.

“The level of competition at the club makes his practices at an elite level,” she said. “Doing the workouts and putting a stronger effort has made him so much faster.”

Wisner said Randleman is becoming an inspiration to the younger runners. She said he helps them out with their warm-ups before practices.

“He is not only an inspiration to the younger runners, but he is one to me,” she said. “There is an awe about him when he competes.”

Randleman has been to numerous places for competition including Missouri, Indiana and areas throughout Oklahoma.

“He placed fifth in the mile in Joplin,” Wisner said. “In Indiana, out of over 250 runners, he placed 16th in the national cross-country meet.”

Randleman has two ultimate goals that he hopes to obtain. The first is qualifying to run in the Olympics for the 1-mile. Another goal is to open up his own business because of the love of this sport.

“My business will be about everything that involves running,” Randleman said. “Whether it is shoes, clothes, training to get better. I want to help people do that with my business.”

Randleman is the son of Erick Randleman and Jessica Wisner. He is of the Eco (deer) Clan and Thewarle Tribal Town.

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