Citizen describes first hand account of Hurricane Harvey

Citizen describes first hand account of Hurricane Harvey
(Photo submission) Photos taken by Muscogee (Creek) citizen Timothy Barnett after Hurricane Harvey made it to Houston in August.

“We were waiting for the water to come into the house. That’s what we thought was going to happen.” – Muscogee (Creek) citizen Timothy Barnett

Evacuation impossible for Barnett

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Hurricane Harvey hit the southern part of our country late August, hitting Texas and Louisiana.

According to the Weather Channel website, 130 mph winds were with this hurricane and over 50 inches of rain in some areas was reported.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Tribal Police Department and Emergency Management were some of the many crews who made their way to the Lone Star State for rescue efforts.

One Muscogee (Creek) citizen was held up in his house for a few days due to the hurricane.

Timothy Barnett has lived 20 miles north of Houston area for the past five years. He works as a high steel rigger for the Local 51 Union.

“I work in arenas, theaters and convention centers,” he said.

Barnett spoke about when the hurricane hit Houston and the surrounding areas.

“It started raining that Friday night (Aug. 28),” he said. “We woke up Saturday morning and that is when we were scared the most.”

He said the rain had nowhere to go where he lived and was building up. The water was on his walkway near his house.

“We did not know what we were going to do,” Barnett said.

Fortunately for Barnett, that was about as bad as it was going to get for him and the house.

“The water started to recede,” he said.

Luckily, no water was in the house, but they were stuck. He said everywhere around them had mandatory evacuations.

“Everything around us was under water,” Barnett said. “We couldn’t evacuate if we wanted to.”

Barnett lives with his girlfriend, their dog and three cats. They are also raising butterflies that are currently in the caterpillar stage.

He said that he is half Pueblo Indian, and they are descendants of the ancient Hopi Indian. In the Hopi song of creation they say they are the ‘Butterfly Maidens.’

“This is why I feel a close connection to the butterfly,” Barnett said.

He said they recently began raising butterflies.

“We raise monarch, swallowtail,” Barnett said.

Barnett said their main concern was running out of food, especially for the caterpillars.

“Out of this mess, we were worried about if we were going to run out of food for the caterpillars,” he said. “They eat and they eat.”

Barnett said that Saturday night during the hurricane was when the most stress came upon him.

“We were waiting for the water to come into the house,” he said. “That’s what we thought was going to happen.”

He said they started moving their things upstairs to prepare for the worst.

“We knew it could happen, it could flood our house,” Barnett said. “So we started moving our things up there just in case.”

Barnett said they were finally able to get out of the house the following week and see the damage that Harvey did to Houston.

“We were able to drive into Houston and those places were still flooded,” he said.

He said one of his friends called to tell him they were four feet underwater.

“He watched over his place because now they had to worry about looters,” Barnett said.

Barnett said he is thankful that the house was not damaged. He said cabin fever set in and was happy to get out of the house.

“We got to go somewhere to eat,” he said. “That is what we were happy about. The cabin fever set in.”

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