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Citizen grew hair for pride, donates for friend

Citizen grew hair for pride, donates for friend
(Photo Submission) Muscogee (Creek) citizen Talon Simpson of Lompoc, Calif., grew his hair out. When he lost his friend to cancer, he wanted to donate his hair to charity.

“I am very proud that they can wear my hair and they won’t get made fun of. I am happy I made that possible.” – Muscogee (Creek) citizen Talon Simpson

Simpson cuts hair for friend, charity

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Okla. — For as long as he can remember, Muscogee (Creek) citizen Talon Simpson has always had long hair. The nine-year-old had his reasons why on growing it out.

“I am Native and I am proud of that,” Talon said. “I wanted my hair to stay long.”

Talon (Creek/Cherokee/Chumash), who lives in Lompoc, Calif., is like any third grader. He plays video games, loves to draw and can draw anything that he sees.

“He is very artistic,” his mother Bernadette Pennetta-Simpson said. “If he sees something that interests him, he will draw it.”

Talon endured a lot of teasing from his classmates for letting his hair grow out. Bernadette spoke about the bullying.

“A lot of kids in his grade would bully him because of his hair,” Bernadette said. “They would call him Rapunzel and other names.”

That did not deter Talon. He wanted to keep his hair. He had a goal for how long he wanted it to be.

“He wanted his hair to touch the ground,” Bernadette said. “That was how long he wanted to grow it out.”

Talon had a very close friend that he looked forward to seeing in school. He was a child with special needs, but he said their friendship was more than special.

“Not a lot of kids wanted to be around him,” he said. “His dream was that when he grew up he wanted to be Superman.”

Talon said there was a reason why a lot of children in his grade did not want to be around his friend.

“He had cancer,” he said.

That did not stop Talon from being his friend. He always looked forward to seeing him at school.

“We did not get to play a lot at recess, but when we lined up is when I got to see him and talk to him,” Talon said.

Talon said there was something about his friend that he saw in him.

“He was really strong,” Talon said.

Unfortunately, Talon’s friend passed away from cancer last year.

Talon wanted to keep his friend’s memory alive, so he wanted to do something that might seem unusual for a nine-year-old to do.

“I wanted to cut my hair and donated it to people who have cancer,” Talon said. “I wanted to do that for my friend.”

Bernadette said he had never cut his hair until this past April. She was amazed at how long his hair was and how much it weighed.

“It was to his knees so it was a little over three feet long,” Bernadette said. “It also weighed 11 pounds.”

Talon said he was very happy to donate his hair.

“Because I am doing a good thing,” Talon said.

Bernadette said that was a proud moment for her because of what her son did for others.

“It was his choice,” she said. “I was full of pride because my child, at such a young age could think of something like that.”

Bernadette said her son has a really good head on his shoulders and such a big heart.

Talon said he is not for sure if he is going to grow his hair out anymore, but he is excited that someone in need is going to be wearing his hair.

“I am very proud that they can wear my hair and they won’t get made fun of,” Talon said. “I am happy I made that possible.”

Talon’s parents are Bernadette Pennetta-Simpson of Lompoc, Calif., and Aaron Simpson of Holdenville, Okla.

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