Citizen KOs opponent on way to victory

Citizen KOs opponent on way to victory
(DeLaune/Reporter) Muscogee (Creek) citizen Vincent Cato recorded his first professional victory Oct. 6 with a technical knockout against Edwin Williams in Oklahoma City.

“I wasn’t expecting it to end the first round, but I got it done” – Vincent Cato on his knockout victory against Edwin Williams.

Cato feels he sets tone for evening of knockouts

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKLAHOMA CITY — It was a night of knockouts for everyone who attended the HD Boxing Rumble at Remington, Oct. 6 in Oklahoma City.

It only took three minutes for Muscogee (Creek) citizen Vincent Cato to record his first professional victory in a match against Edwin Williams.

“I felt like I set the tone for the fights that night,” Cato said. “I felt like I showed a lot of class and a lot of skill in the one round that I got to fight.”

He said his game plan was to throw his jab and set him up for his right hand. In the second and third round he wanted to start punching his opponent in the body.

“That was the game plan,” Cato said. “I never go into the fight looking for the knockout.”

Cato considers himself a technician when it comes to boxing.

“I don’t dance around the ring,” he said. “Once I figure out my fighter I start throwing harder punches at them.”

Cato said he figured his opponent out quickly when he noticed Williams never changed his rhythm.

“When I dropped at the end of the first round, it was simple, like hitting a double end bag,” he said. “His head movement was the same. He never changed anything.”

Cato said he was going to knock Williams out regardless, but he was going to wait until the fourth round.

“I wasn’t expecting it to end the first round, but I got it done,” he said.

This was Cato’s second professional fight. He fought as an amateur for numerous years. He said there’s a big difference in fighting amateurs to fighting professionally.

He said when fighting as a professional, the fighter knows who they will be against and they can train and prepare for that specific fighter, while fighting as an amateur, they have random drawings the day of the fight to select your opponent.

“So you don’t know until five or six hours before your fight,” Cato said. “A lot of other things with weigh-ins and gloves. They are different between professional and amateurs.”

His first fight with Jr. Coughran ended up in a draw, with Cato thinking he won the fight.

“I thought I won the fight,” he said. “I thought I beat the dude, unanimous (decision).”

Cato wants to fight again soon. He said he spoke with his promoter about a rematch with Coughran. He is looking forward to that fight because he knows it will be different from the first. He said the only thing Coughran has is his aggression and awkward style.

“If that happens, it is going to be a completely different story,” he said. “He doesn’t have speed or power and cannot hit hard. I will be more prepared this time.”

Cato had a short break after his victory but is now back in the gym preparing for his next bout.

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