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Citizen signs to Coffeyville Community College

Citizen signs to Coffeyville Community College
(Photo Submission) Muscogee (Creek) citizen Laura Mason signed a letter of intent to Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas., for track and field. She will be competing in the disc throw, hammer throw, javelin, shot put and weight throw at the next level.

Mason to compete in track and field

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Okla. —Muscogee (Creek) citizen Laura Mason said she remembers when she was in sixth grade she had to run a mile to warm up in her track and field practices.

“I hated it so much,” Laura said.

She also tried running and jumping over hurdles in track. She made it over a few of them, but hit her knee on one. That was the end of the hurdles for Laura.

“That hurt pretty bad,” Laura said.
She said she was told to try out the throwing part of track and field, which is the disc throw and shot put.

“I headed over to that area where they were practicing, and I liked throwing,” Laura said.

She said she is motivated when she throws the shot put or disc throw. She said she envisions people she does not like out on the field where she is throwing and tries to hit them.

“That is my goal, to hit them,” laughs Laura. “That makes it pretty fun.”

She said the practices are intense. Not only did she compete for her high school, she also competed in the United States of America Track and Field.

“I used to love shot put but now I love discus more,” Laura said. “My throw is a lot better.”

Laura is going to continue her track and field at the next level. She recently signed a letter of intent to play at Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas.

“I will be doing the shot put and discus, but I am adding the weight throw, hammer throw and javelin,” Laura said. “They have really good coaches at the school, so I am looking forward to learning the other throws.”

Although she received offers to other schools, her competitive coach said Coffeyville would be the best one for her.

“He actually knows the coach at Coffeyville,” Laura said. “They showed a lot of interest about me.”

Their interest in her did not wane even after a leg injury.

“That was great that they were still interested,” Laura said.

She said she sees similarities in Coffeyville and Okmulgee.

“It is not too big,” Laura said. “They both have schools past high school and other things that remind me of Okmulgee. I think that is also what helped me with going there.”

Her mother, Nancy Mason said she is excited for her, but at first was apprehensive.

“It is further away and she will be out of state,” Nancy said.

She thought it would be better for Laura if she were to receive a scholarship because that could help with the cost of attending school.

“She is going to get to further her education and do something that she enjoys doing,” Nancy said.

Nancy said this is nothing new to Laura. Since she was an infant, she has always had the will to succeed. Laura’s ability to work hard and get a scholarship for track and field shows the drive in her to get better.

“It was great watching her here in school to excel and succeed,” Nancy said. “She has inspired her brother to do his best.”

Laura is the daughter of Alfred and Nancy Mason of Okmulgee.

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