Citizen to make mark, one punch, kick at a time

Citizen to make mark, one punch, kick at a time
(DeLaune/MNN) Muscogee (Creek) citizen Tyler Harrison (right) kicks the heavy bag while coach, trainer and citizen Thomas Longacre holds.

“I never thought about quitting. I don’t have a quit mindset.” – Muscogee (Creek) fighter Tyler Harrison

Harrison trains, leads by example

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

TULSA, Oklahoma — Muscogee (Creek) citizen Tyler Harrison puts in no less than 50 hours a week at his full-time job in Broken Arrow.

After days working many hours most people would like to go home and relax for the rest of the evening. Not Harrison. After he works, he goes straight to the gym for some more work.

“It is a lot of hours throughout the day and week,” he said.

Harrison began kickboxing about three years ago.

He said he was 15-years-old when he first watched Ultimate Fighting Championship fights. From that moment, he wanted to get into martial arts.

“Every time there was a pay-per-view, my dad and I would watch it,” Harrison said.

Harrison said when he turned 21-years-old during the summer he felt that he could take a step further. He wanted to turn what he liked watching into action.

“It was during the summer when I told myself that I could do this, that I can fight,” he said. “I got tired of watching the fights.”

He set his sights on Thunderkick Fitness and has been a staple there ever since. He said he knew from the beginning that he wanted to fight. He loved being in shape, but not only that, he wanted to compete.

“I wanted to train and learn how to fight,” Harrison said. “I trained for six months and then I got my first San-Shou fight, which I won.”

Harrison said he remembers when he first started to train.

“I would come in and get hit a lot,” he said. “It was something new, so I knew I was going to take hits.”

Like everyone else that tried something different, the awkwardness was there.

“I was very awkward and that is what I tell everyone that comes in here for the first time,” he said. “You will be awkward at first but over time it gets better and you will start to do things better than the first day you were here.”

Harrison said even though it was tough at the beginning, there was never a doubt in his mind or thoughts of quitting.

“I never thought about quitting,” he said. “I don’t have a quit mindset.”

Harrison’s coach and owner of Thunderkick Fitness Thomas Longacre, spoke about the person that Harrison is and what he brings to the gym and sport.

“He was athletic when he came to us, but he had no type of fighting skills,” he said. “He always had that passion of fighting and wanting to know more.”

Longacre said with Harrison, he was able to learn things very quickly and apply them to his training.

Harrison has been able to train with other fighters in Longacre’s stable, one of them being fellow Muscogee (Creek) citizen Daryl ‘Reaper’ Wilson.

“With Daryl, Tyler had a good training partner to work with him and he grew from there,” Longacre said.

Longacre said even when Harrison does not have a fight he wants to help everyone and make sure they are getting better.

“That is what teams do, that is what family does,” he said. “You are only as good as your teammates, so everyone pushes each other to get better.”

Harrison never thought of being the role model. He is happy that people want him to help them improve so he knows he always has to have the right attitude to share the knowledge with everyone else.

“It has to do with being in their shoes at one point,” he said. “All the other guys before me stepped in to get me better. I want to do that. I have always been more of a lead by example.”

Harrison’s next fight will be in November in Claremore.

He is of the Eco (Deer) Clan and his parents are Jason and Robin Harrison.

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