Citizen’s love of sport prepares her for next level

Citizen’s love of sport prepares her for next level
(DeLaune/MNN) Muscogee (Creek) citizen and Sapulpa High School senior Jaeden Coon signs a letter of intent to attend Rogers State University in Claremore, Oklahoma with family beside her.

Coon to be a Hillcat

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

SAPULPA, Oklahoma — Muscogee (Creek) citizen Jaeden Coon did not have to think very long about what school she wanted to go to next year for college. She said she already had it in her mind on where she wanted to go.

Coon signed a letter of intent to run cross-country for RSU in Claremore.

She said cross-country is long distance running, usually 3.1 miles or a ‘5k’ to most runners. Cross-country is what helped her to get ready for track and field competition for her school.

“Cross-country was to help me get ready, but it turned out that I like it a lot,” Coon said.

Coon said she had offers from other institutions but she felt very comfortable choosing RSU.

“A lot of my friends from last year’s team go to Rogers State now,” she said. “That helped with my decision.”

She also said it is close to home for her.

Coon is a three-sport star at her high school. She added track and basketball to her cross-country and was very successful with numerous awards.

“I had a good year in all the sports in my senior season,” she said. “Next year, I want to focus on one sport.”

Coon said she would like to go into the health field for her occupation after college. She has a few choices and during her time at RSU she will decide the best route for herself.

“I would like to go into orthodontics, physical therapy or optometry,” she said. “Those are the choices.”

She has advice for the younger generation that would like to get into cross-country or track and field.

“It is hard at the beginning because you are learning something new,” Coon said. “Keep at it. It gets better. You get better but you have to keep at it.”

Coon is ready for the fall but she has a few weeks left of track competition and school. She said she is ready for the next level.

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