CMN to offer new degrees

CMN to offer new degrees
(MN File Photo) The College of the Muscogee Nation has created three new degree programs to being in Fall 2019.

Liz Gray/Reporter

Programs set to begin Fall 2019

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The College of the Muscogee Nation will offer new degrees beginning in Fall 2019.

The programs include General Studies, Natural Resources and Criminal Justice.

CMN Research Specialist Lacey Azbell touched on how the degrees will impact current and future students.

Azbell said the Criminal Justice degree, though technically new, would be a replacement for CMN’s Police Science degree.

“We have to finish it out for the students who are currently enrolled and want to stay in it,” she said. “But we probably aren’t going to have any new students.”

Another difference in the new program would be the type of degree achieved in Criminal Justice.

Upon graduation, students who complete the program would be awarded an Associate of Science instead of an Associate in Applied Science like its predecessor.

“It goes more into theory and criminal justice law,” Azbell said. “It’s geared towards students wanting to go on and get a four-year degree.”

She said student interest and opportunity motivated CMN to develop the Natural Resources degree to fulfill a land grant mission.

“In 2014, CMN was designated as a 1994 land grant institution,” Azbell said. “The focus of land grant institutions has basically been AG and mechanics.”

She said students interested in any kind of environmental impact would be suitable for the degree program whether it be environmental law, water health, ecology or geology.

The Natural Resources degree gives CMN students a choice to specialize on either conservation or sustainable agriculture.

Azbell said conservation is geared toward the ecology and geology aspect, while sustainable agriculture focuses on food systems such as growing heirloom crops, agribusiness and animal production.

CMN can also provide classes with a greenhouse located, in the southwest corner of the campus.

Degree programs will be available during the Fall Trimester enrollment in the spring.

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