DeLaune’s Corner: Family strength comes in surprising places

DeLaune’s Corner: Family strength comes in surprising places
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‘Looking back. He did not need us. We needed him in our lives. He found us and because of him, he has strengthened us more.’

New addition brings new love, fun

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Last November, my daughter and I thought we should add to our family. So we (when I mean we, I mean my daughter) decided to get a cat to live with us.

Talk about an adjustment.

The story about the cat begins when I went to see Bebe over at her mother’s house after I got off work.

She was excited and ran to my car. Personally, I thought she was happy to see me, but this time that was not the case (Poor daddy).

We went through everything of how her day went at school and what was going on with her friends at a very rapid pace.

Before I knew it, she brought up that a kitten come to the house one day. She told me the cat was black but each paw was white. She loved the cat immediately.

I remember growing up with my mom and sister and we were dog and cat owners.

None of those animals were full-bloods, just mutts. Kind of like the state of the citizenship population of our tribe (Calm down everyone, that includes my daughter and me).

I remember how much fun it was being able to play with our dogs and cats throughout our adolescent years and now it was my daughter’s time.

The last time I had a cat was when I was married, so it had been awhile.

My daughter asked me if I would love to take him home and if she and I could care for him at our house. I was very hesitant at first. I was afraid I would not remember how to take care of a kitten again when she was away.

She was sad because it was going to be winter soon and they were not going to be able to look after it at her mother’s.

A flashback came to me of all the good times I had when I was young and I told Bebe we could have the kitten and bring him home. A huge grin came across her face.

By then, the cat was trying to find where my daughter was. He hopped onto my car and ran to the window that was down and jumped and ran to her arms.

In the end, it looked like it was meant to be. The cat wanted us.

It took a little adjustment but our family got a bit bigger and happier with one addition.

I call him the silent assassin. He waits until you are asleep before he attacks. He watches television shows about lions. I believe he takes mental notes. He chases empty plastic bottles and it is a never-ending battle between him and plastic Wal-Mart bags.

I believe there are some quotes about these moments I have with the cat.

My first quote comes from Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes.

“Those who’ll play with cats must expect to be scratched.”

Something I have learned over and over. The next quote is from English writer Charles Dickens.

“What greater gift than the love of a cat.”

For my daughter and I, truer words could never be spoken.

My daughter took it upon herself to name him Mittens because of his paws. I joke around with them because of his name, but it fits him perfectly.

Looking back. He did not need us. We needed him in our lives. He found us and because of him, he has strengthened us more.

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Darren has been with Mvskoke Media since 2009. He has always (and still does) played sports so he wanted to write about it. What started with sports, turned into features, columns, articles, whatever he can find around the MCN. He enjoys trying new things, which helped him become an avid dancer of bachata. Darren has one daughter, Syeann.

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