Efficient construction repairs flooded bridge

Efficient construction repairs flooded bridge
(Submission) Concharty Ribbon Cutting

New Bridge building technology used by MCN tribal programs

By Angel Ellis/Reporter

TWIN HILLS, Oklahoma– During the excessive flooding, this season the road leading to the Concharty United Methodist Church became impassable for the second time in a year. But new solutions in bridge-building technology and a partnership between Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Construction and Federal Roads program have given the tribe, and it’s citizen’s new solutions to the problem.

Premier Steel and Fast Cast Bridge System offered an affordable and time-effective solution that has gotten the community back into its place of worship.

In a July press release, Premier Steel President gave a statement about the bridge.

‘It was our honor at Premier Steel to work with Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tribal Construction department and Federal Roads department to provide the Fast Cast Bridge for installation for the Concharty Bridge,” Premier Steel President Andy Vanaman said in the release. “We believe the Fast Cast Bridge, which was installed in one day, will revolutionize bridge replacement and the Muscogee (Creek) Nation is leading the way.”

According to the release the Tribal Construction Manager Steve Emerson commented on the cost and time efficiencies.

‘A box culvert of this size would $50,000-$60,000 and normally take two months,’ Emerson said. ‘This is a turn-key job at $40,000 and takes a week to complete.”

According to Premier Steel’s website, the actual installation of the bridge takes about a day. The entire process from grading to clean-up can be done in a week or less.

Premier Steel is a full-service structural steel and fabrication provider that excels in the ability to produce quality structures on time and within budget consistently. The company was formed in 2003 and focused on project-management.  In 2004 they expanded into fabrication operations.

One of the critical features that Vanaman endorses for the Fast Cast Bridge system is that it is more reliable.

“It has no Debris catchments, which significantly increases flow volume up to ten times,” Vanaman said.  “It virtually eliminates long-term maintenance.”

Without those catchments, more water can flow unobstructed, helping to control erosion.

Eight precast blocks, provided by Premier Steel, serve as the bridge’s foundation. Components of the Fast Cast Bridge include a complete set of rigging and tools, which the customer returns after the bridge installation.

“The clients only responsibilities are providing the lifting equipment, concrete services, and labor for the installation (specialized labor is not required),” Vanaman said.

MCN Tribal Construction Sr. Project Manager David Ford is a fan of the quick turn around.

“The best thing about the bridge is the speed and ease of installation,” Ford said. “My road crew installed this in 8 hours.”

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