Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

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No beer, Rocky Mountain oysters, no choking the Indian and some other good stuff

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — It’s nearing the end of the year for 2017 and maybe, the end of a possible seat on the Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council for some members. Voting will be conducted and counted, so let’s see if there are to be new faces on Council or the return of some old ones.

As with many elections time will tell whom Mvskoke voters chose to lead our tribe. Are you among those who cast a ballot? If not — don’t complain, you had your chance.

On to other things.

According to www.nativenewsonline.net, at the end of September, the State Supreme Court in Nebraska said “no” to a group of businesses in White Clay, who had been shut down from a lucrative trade in selling beer, mostly to the Lakota from the neighboring Pine Ridge Reservation.

That tiny town sold millions of cans of beer to Native American citizens living just spittin’ distance away from the reservation border. For decades the Oglala Sioux have suffered major effects of alcoholism. White Clay, with a population of less than a dozen residents made millions of dollars from the sales of alcohol to residents of Pine Ridge, just across the state line and reservation border.

The website says, to some local Native activists, the ruling ranks alongside the 1876 Battle of The Little Bighorn. Hoka Hey!

While we’re still on the turf of www.nativenewsonline.net, there are reports of the Tonto Apache Tribe selling an unusual food item to visitors at their casino in Payson, Arizona.

Here’s a quote: “Testicles, as in those from a cow, pig or sheep. The tribe ordered 150 pounds of the unusual food item for the event, the hospitality director for the Mazatzal Hotel and Casino told ‘The Payson Roundup.’ ”

The “event” was the tribe’s Third Annual Testicle Festival, Sept. 30 and they did sell other edibles (I hope). There was a variety of the ‘Rocky Mountain Oysters’ as they’re known in some places. If someone offers you “Prairie Oysters, Calf Fries, Criadillas, or Huevos de Toros”, please know what you’re getting into.

Just for fun, here’s some other cool names: “Cowboy Caviar, Montana Tendergroins, or Dusted Nuts.” Of course, they’re supposed to taste like chicken.

I think I’ll skip the visit to KFC or Church’s for a while.

Here’s some good news. The town of Westboro, New York, made famous by its town seal image of a white man choking an Indian man in a ‘friendly wrestling match,’ has yielded to local, national and international attention and pressure by changing the image.


In an article by ‘Pressconnects,’ ‘the village said it worked with an art student to “enhance the graphics of the village seal, while maintaining the depiction of the historical encounter between Whitesboro founder Hugh White and a member of the Oneidas.” ’

It moved the white guy’s hands from the Indian man’s throat to his shirt. The New York Oneida Tribe had raised a ruckus over the old seal and the town decided to “enhance” the graphics and make the change.

I can’t believe this kind of thing is still going on, here in Oklahoma.

In this year’s Homecoming Parade in Fort Gibson, one of the floats carried a bunch of girls dressed in the typical cheap ‘Indian’ crap — fake leather, dyed chicken feathers and the like, contained in some kind of cage, and chanting “Cage The Indians.”

The KOTV Channel 6 news story didn’t identify Fort Gibson’s opponent.

Fort Gibson Public Schools issued a statement saying, ‘There was never an intent to be disrespectful or offend anyone. However, it will be used as an educational opportunity….’

What the blank are they teaching in those schools?

You know, I spent a little time trying to track down who the “Indians” were and who won that game, but schools I contacted were not available to answer these simple questions: Who were the “Indians” and who won the game?

They all clammed up. But, I hear Fort Gibson beat the Stilwell Indians.

Did you go to the “Native American Day” declaration in downtown Tulsa? That was a nice occasion. Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum attended, joining Native leaders, including our Principal Chief James Floyd.

Before all the speeches and drum songs, I saw a Native guy smudging Guthrie Green where the ceremony took place. That really made me feel good about the event.

To whoever you are: 2,000 mvtos!

Happy Penwv eating day! (That’s turkey, not Montana Tendergroins.)

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