Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

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Winning some, religious artifact protections, Elizabeth Warren

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — A monument to honor Native American veterans is in the final design stages. Officials from the National Museum of the American Indian are reviewing the submissions of five artists. That group includes Seminole sculptor, Enoch Kelly Haney and Daniel SaSuWeh Jones. Haney is most recognized for ‘The Guardian’ statue that stands atop the Oklahoma Capitol Building.

All the artists (including a Pacific Islander) were facing the challenge of representing over 500 tribes across the lower 48 states, Alaska and Hawaii. Boy, what a job that must be. The unveiling is set for Veterans Day 2020.

Native Americans who must carry sacred medicine and ritual items when traveling by air (no, not that way) have gained some measure of protection for their precious items when being screened by U.S. Transportation Security Administration agents.

Indianz.com reported Sandor Iron Rope of the Native American Church of North America filed suit after TSA agents mishandled feathers and other items over the objections of Iron Rope.

The Native American Rights Fund handled the case for the Native religious leader, winning a settlement under the terms of the American Indian Religious Restoration Freedom Act.

TSA agents have been directed to use less intrusive methods of examination, create an informational pamphlet regarding the subject and an educational webinar. That program will be focused on airports that see significant numbers of Native travelers.

Did you see the movie ‘Hidden Figures?’ It was a story about black women who played a major role in the U.S. space program in the late 1950s. Well, the name of an elementary school in Salt Lake City is being changed to honor her and take the name of Andrew Jackson off.

But, get this: the school will remain ‘Jackson’ because the black engineer was also named ‘Jackson.’

It is now called Mary W. Jackson Elementary School says MSN News.

Let’s see if the comb-over guy in the White House salutes this Jackson.

‘The Hill’ political website reports a U.S. senator that the current Prez calls “Pocahontas” was the surprise speaker at the recent winter convention of the National Congress of American Indians. Elizabeth Warren took part of her speech to describe her family’s connection to Cherokee ancestry.

But she also took the opportunity to speak about issues of economy, environment and the list of social problems facing Native communities.

Cronkite News shares news that racist logos are not welcome in publicly funded stadiums in Arizona if a bill working its way through the Arizona legislature becomes law.

Arizona State Rep. Eric Descheenie (Dine) says the bill is not about free speech, but government speech. This bill begins and ends with government-owned facilities. (Interesting tactic, huh?) The lawmaker admits that passage of the bill is a “long shot.”

Now for a bigger mascot battle, this time from the Major League Baseball website.

This story was carried by many major news organizations too!

The Cleveland Indians will be removing the buck-toothed cartoon Indian “Chief Wahoo” from team uniforms on the field starting in the 2019 season.

Now, before the celebrations begin, something to remember: The caricature will not be retired entirely. It will remain under what the team officials are calling copyright control. That gives the team the opportunity to sell merchandise bearing the logo and control who does the selling.

That kinda works in our favor by keeping the private entrepreneurs (and vultures) from taking the logo and using it any way they want.

The decision by the team doesn’t entirely get rid of the offensive cartoon, but it’s a step in the right direction.

A long time ago, I heard what I remember as an old Chinese proverb that said, “Every journey of 10,000 miles begins with a single step.”

I also heard Journey sing “Don’t stop believing.”

We’ll take it.

Are you ready for Tafvmpuce — wild onions?

The season is just around the corner. In fact, ‘Mvskoke News’ has published two notices of dinners scheduled for March. Salt Creek (Mar. 3) and Little Cussetah (Mar. 24) in last month’s paper.

Hvtvm Cerecares — I’ll see you again.

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