Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

Emvpanayv: One who tells the story

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Cherokee movie star, leadership lags, school names

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — In the biggest story for Indians lately, news agencies around the country and those connected to Hollywood’s biggest celebrity event, Oklahoma Cherokee actor Wes Studi joined other stars to present an Oscar award in the 2018 Academy Awards ceremony.

‘Exciting News!’ he wrote on social media. ‘I see it as an acceptance of my participation in the business over a number of years,” and ‘It’s like being invited to the party.’

He presented a feature focusing on military movies and thanked those who served in the U.S. armed forces in his Tsa-La-Gi (Cherokee) language.

Studi served in Vietnam. It’s about time he got the recognition he deserves. (I think he should have gotten an Oscar for his work representing our peoples.)

CNN reports a statute, “critics have deemed as ‘San Francisco’s monument to white supremacy’ is coming off its pedestal.”

It’s a Native American man at the feet of a cowboy and a Catholic missionary.

CNN says, to its critics the bronze statue called ‘Early Days’ is an offensive and condescending depiction of Native Americans that shows racism, colonization and genocide.

And the San Francisco Arts Commission decided to remove ‘Early Days’ from the city’s Pioneer Monument.

In the 1990s a group of monuments were being moved for a new main library. Some Native Americans wanted the whole monument and especially ‘Early Days’ gone.

Instead, the statues along with ‘Early Days’ were moved to their current location with a new plaque that explained the history of what happened to California’s Native Americans.

Thank God and the Arts Commission for deciding that it must go.

The Current Occupant of the White House still hasn’t gotten anybody to lead the top positions for Native affairs.

Neither candidate for Interior Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs or the Director of the Indian Health Service have not had confirmation hearings before the U.S. Senate, leaving both agencies with ‘care-taker’ leadership.

Tara Sweeney, for Interior, was still awaiting the final OK from the U.S. Senate. It’s been years now for the Alaska Native woman.

Robert Weaver, an Oklahoma Quapaw, was dropped out of the consideration for IHS and nobody was saying why.

The Tulsa School Board has been supposedly debating the fate of the names of four schools named for men who have a negative history of dealings with minority peoples.

Robert E. Lee, Andrew Jackson, Auguste Chouteau and Christopher Columbus Elementary School names were brought up for debate.

Lee for leading the Confederate military, Columbus, for exploiting the land and people he found in this hemisphere, Jackson, for his removal of Southeastern tribes on the Trail of Tears and Chouteau for exploiting trade with north central Oklahoma tribes. (The Osage Nation has pressed to keep that one.)

The School Board looks like it wimped out on the name “Lee” with a simple dropping of the “Robert E.” part. (That is just like what happened with the “Brady District” name.)

For Jackson and Columbus, two ad hoc committees were supposed to decide in mid-March, but no word as of the end of March. Board staff expects some sort of decision around May.

Let’s hope there is no ‘wimpery’ with those names.

OK, have you made it to any of the tafvmpuce — wild onion dinners? Big Cussetah had a great one with short lines and great food. That one filled me up and knocked me down for a great nap.

There are others to be enjoyed.

Speaking of wild onions, here’s a blatant plug for Mvskoke Media merchandise. The department is selling a “Stay Wild” black t-shirt. It’s got a small Mvskoke Media logo featuring a bunch of tafvmpuce on the left chest and larger “Stay Wild” artwork and tafumpuce on the back. Check with our marketing department and look for a table set up at some of the upcoming tribal events.

Hvtvm Cehecares — I’ll see you again. Burp.

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