Emvpanayv- One who tells the story

Emvpanayv- One who tells the story

“Who lost out and who is still in business?”

Gary Fife/Radio Communications Specialist

Casino, museum, resignation

OKMULGEE, Okla. — Great tafvmpuce meal at Big Cussetah last month. Good food, very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. More to come!

On the national scene, www.indianz.com reports that the Seminole Tribe of Florida is taking over an Atlantic City, NJ casino that went belly-up. That casino used to be owned by now-Prez Donald Trump. The tribe’s Hard Rock International bought the place and plans to re-open it.

It used to be the Taj Mahal International. It went bankrupt. In 1990, Trump complained on Capitol Hill about the Native-owned casinos, saying they were being controlled by organized crime.

Who lost out and who is still in business?

‘Native News Online’ reports that the pope said Natives should have some say in the futures of their indigenous lands. This was back in February when the water protectors were blocking the Dakota Access Pipeline, but DAPL was not specifically mentioned.

But the pontiff’s backing was not enough to deter the prez from signing the order to finish the pipeline.

There is some discussion of similar environmental activism here in Oklahoma.

To head off any major protests, our state legislature is busy passing two laws stiffening penalties for such actions. One would make bigger penalties for trespassing on private property (such as that owned by a pipeline company) and the other would make such trespassers financially responsible for any damage.

They’re doing this instead of monitoring their own members and how they treat their female employees.

In Oklahoma City, yet again news that the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum will resume construction this spring. (Or will it be fall?) Completion is aimed at 2020. Local news reports say two different dates.

Here’s how the deal is supposed to work: donors came up with $10.8 million, the state matches that.

The state gives the museum over to Oklahoma City. The city pays $9 million to finish it. The Chickasaw Nation covers more costs.

There will be some changes made to the interior, exhibits to be brought in, etc. One ironic thing is those changes will eliminate phone booths. This thing has been going on so long that the space for the phone technology they had planned for is obsolete nowadays with today’s use of cell phones.

But 2020 is still a few years away and something else could foul up the deal.

Dan Kirby is no longer athletic commissioner for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation.

When the controversy over his relationship with staff members and allegations of sexual harassment hit the fan, the tribe asked for his resignation. The matter was turned over to the National Council for resolution.

After a bit of time, he finally submitted a letter of resignation. The state legislative committee looking into the matter said it found no wrongdoing.

The ‘Tulsa World’ reports that the Osage Nation is going to vote March 20 on the issue of whether or not they will recognize same sex marriage. The Cherokee Nation already recognizes such unions. MCN does not.

Here’s some quick news headlines:

A new executive order from the White House has ordered all U.S. troops out of North America.

A recent study and report by the Bureau of Indian Affairs says Custer actually won at the Little Bighorn.

And Elvis has been living on a reservation in Michigan… more after this.

April Fools!

Hvtvm Cerecares – I’ll see you again.

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