Extreme Makeover: Dome Edition

Extreme Makeover: Dome Edition
(Jason Salsman/Mvskoke Media) The new hardwood floor should be installed within four-six weeks and will include the Muscogee (Creek) Nation seal at center court.

Jason Salsman/Multimedia Producer

Facility gets new hardwood floor, seating

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — The Mvskoke Dome is getting a shiny new floor.

Installation of the new maple wood floor began this week and according to Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tourism and Recreation Department Recreation Manager Phillip Agee, it is coming along nicely.

“They do this (flooring) exclusively from what I understand,” Agee said.  “The vendors have been great to work with. So far, they’ve all been right at or ahead of schedule and we’re hoping that trend continues with this.”

According to Agee, installation of the floor should take around four-six weeks. New seating for the Dome is scheduled for installation around the first week of November.

“We expect that to take about a week,” Agee said.

The new floor, which replaces the current rubber floor, will include a prominent display of the MCN seal and will be lined with basketball and volleyball regulation boundaries.

TR has done extensive research on the flooring system and has had regular conversations with organizations such as the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association in hopes of being a host facility for events.

“We’re hoping one day for a county tournament, AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) events, anything like that…with the new seats and a great floor, I think it’ll be appealing,” Agee said.

Due to the added maintenance and weight issues required for a hardwood floor, TR did indicate their wish to keep events on the floor mostly recreational.

There had been a previous attempt at installing a hardwood floor at the Mvskoke Dome in March 2016, however NCA 16-045 was voted down. During the meeting, Rep. James Jennings said he ‘could not support any more such appropriations’ while knowing about the reported MCN Department of Health deficit just coming to light at the time.

According to MCN TR Director Kyle Lee, funding for the floor has been worked into their budget while the new seating was taken care of by Council appropriation.

NCA 18-092 Authorizing a $180,000 appropriation to fund the costs associated with installing new seat for the multi-purpose building passed 14-0 during the June 18 Council regular session.

While other facilities at the Dome are still open during work on the gym floor, Agee is confident that everything will be business as usual by mid-November.

“So when all is said and done, we’re going to have some nice chairs for you to sit in for any event that you attend and a nice hardwood floor featuring our seal in the middle,” he said. “It’s going to be a really nice facility.”

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