Facebook changes to affect Mvskoke Media

Facebook changes to affect Mvskoke Media

Jessica McBride/Managing Editor

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OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — You’re about to see less of us on Facebook.

It’s not a change we’re making, in fact the decision was completely beyond our control.

Facebook announced recently they are changing the algorithm for your personal newsfeed so posts and information from your friends and family will have priority over businesses, professional pages and news outlets.

You’ll see more of your aunt sharing recipes, less of your local organizations sharing community announcements. More of your friend’s political rants, fewer sports updates. More videos of your brother’s new puppy, less posts from Humans of New York.

What this means for Mvskoke Media is that you will see less of our posts, news stories, updates, videos, photos and contests as you’re scrolling through the Facebook newsfeed on your phone or desktop.

Right now, we don’t know exactly how this change will affect the platform or our followers. We only know the change is imminent.

This might be particularly problematic if your sole source of Mvskoke news is following us on Facebook.

Don’t get nervous. We have a few tricks up our sleeves.

If you don’t follow us already, search Mvskoke Media on Facebook and “like” our page. Make sure it is also selected to “follow” our page.

You can select to see our posts first in your news feed from our page. Also, make sure notifications for our page are on so that if we post something, you will receive an alert.

If you’re still not seeing our posts on your newsfeed, you will most likely need to go to our page to see our updates.

We also post our stories on Twitter, which as of right now will be unaffected by the new Facebook updates.

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Our department looks forward to continuing to bring citizens their unbiased news about the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and its citizens. We are the only MCN entity whose mission is to tell the unfiltered truth about what is happening as compelled by tribal law to show citizens how their money is being spent and what their government is doing. Mvto for your continued support of our outlets!

We are sad that many of our social media followers may no longer be notified of our content through Facebook, but we are constantly looking for new ways to reach our readers, viewers and listeners through different avenues.

Mvskoke Media has some new ideas in the works that will be announced soon. Until then, we’ll keep on producing content!

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