Food for thought

Food for thought
(Liz Gray/Reporter) Muscogee (Creek) Nation Elderly Nutrition hosted a spring food show Feb. 6 at Glenpool Conference Center.

Liz Gray/Reporter

Elderly Nutrition Annual Food Show held

GLENPOOL, Oklahoma — Beautifully plated dishes and warm aromas consumed the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Elderly Nutrition Annual Food Show Feb. 6 at the Glenpool Conference Center.

The event was a partnership between the Elderly Nutrition Program and Sysco Food Service of Oklahoma.

Muscogee (Creek) citizens from the 10 Elderly Nutrition Centers participated by sampling and rating the quality of the food through a survey.

MCN Director of Food Services Anna Sterner said it can be difficult to diversify when serving meals five days a week for a multitude of locations.

“Getting something that everybody will enjoy is also hard. This way they are having a voice in that,” she said.

Sysco provided 11 different vendors to present a variety of cuisine options to possibly be added to the menu for the centers.

Sysco Marketing Associate John Nixon said his role in the event was to take the information gathered and relay it to his company in order to build a well-received menu.

“We work with our chef and with the program to come in and collectively show them new menu ideas,” he said. “We’re introducing new food but we are also introducing healthier foods.”

MCN holds two different shows throughout the year, one in the spring and again in the fall.

Sterner said the spring show focuses on lighter menu items like salads while the fall is geared toward providing a menu with heavier foods like soups.

Sapulpa center patrons LuAnn Reed and Nancy Bateman regularly attend both shows.

“From the last one we were able to get the rockslide brownie on our menu,” Bateman said.

Reed said she appreciated the smaller portions because it allowed more food to be sampled.

“That cranberry chicken salad was excellent,” Reed said.

The survey results will help create the spring menu to be implemented in April.

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