Former EIC officials file consolidation motion

Former EIC officials file consolidation motion
(EIC Website) Three former Eufaula Indian Community officials request to consolidate their cases into one on Nov 26.

Angel Ellis/Reporter

Commonalities in EIC case prompt consolidation motion

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Three former Eufaula Indian Community (EIC)  officials entered a request for the courts to consolidate their cases on Nov. 26.  Lydia Anglin, Twanna Susie Deere, Judd Pickering, and their attorneys were present in court to make the request and file a motion for consolidation.

According to the court filings, commonalities between the cases and similarity of the charges allow for the joinder of their cases.

According to the filings, a consolidation is allowable under Title 14 subsection 1-303 of MCN code.

‘The defendants are entitled to the joinder of their cases if all the Defendants are alleged to have participated in a common act, scheme, or plan to commit one or more offenses,’ the document stated.

Each defendant faces a felony complaint filed with  MCN District Court on July 17.

The complaints allege Pickering stole $42,517 from community center funds; Anglin, $13,631; and Deere, $6,350.

‘Consolidation of these three cases would be in the interest of judicial economy and preserve judicial resources in that the facts and circumstances of all three cases are closely parallel and related to each other,’ the document states.

The motion goes on to state, ‘the claims and defenses available to each defendant are anticipated to be identical or very similar in the consolidated case.’

The next court appearance for Anglin, Deer, and Pickering will be Jan. 28, 2019, at 1:30 p.m.

As of time of publishing, EIC is still under the direction of MCN’s Comunity Research and Development Department.

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