Group in Southeast claims to be tribal status

Group in Southeast claims to be tribal status
(Pensacola News Journal) A group called the ‘Tribe of Mayoki,’ claims to have been endorsed by the Creek Nation east of Mississippi in 1959. They also say members of the Creek Nation are also members of the Mayoki tribe.

Tribe of Mayoki claims Creek Nation endorsement

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

PENSACOLA, Florida — Another group has claimed to be a tribe, again. This time, they call themselves the ‘Tribe of Mayoki.’

Their website does not give much information except that it was organized to perpetuate the spirit of friendship and hospitality extended by Indians to Don Tristan DeLuna and his colonists in 1559 when they landed on the white sands of the Pensacola area.

According to the ‘Pensacola News Journal,’ the group said local Native American has endorsed it.

Tvlahasse Wvkokaye Ceremonial Grounds Mekko, David Proctor, which is west of Okmulgee said it is upsetting that groups in the Southeast portray themselves as Native Americans.

“It has become a fashion,” he said. “Groups vying for federal recognition.”

Proctor said a lot of government agencies do not have a lot of information about these groups.

“If they look good on paper, a lot of state governments back in the Southeast really want Indian tribes, so they will recognize a group like that,” he said.

He also said he saw some of the pictures of the group wearing neon colored feathers and dressing like they were going to a powwow.

“They are disrespecting the people and tribes who dance in powwow’s,” Proctor said. “Hopefully they aren’t trying to call themselves Creeks.”

However, they are.

Also in the ‘PNJ,’ the group told the publication in an emailed statement, ‘the Creek Nation east of Mississippi endorsed the group in 1959 and members of the Creek nation are also members of the Mayoki Tribe.’

Mvskoke Media requested a statement from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and the group and did not receive a reply by press time.

Proctor said he hopes whatever this group is going after is not going to happen.

“These people are not legit,” he said.

He wished some of the tribal governments from the federally recognized tribes in the state would take a stand against groups such as this one.

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