Higher Education to make changes to grant

Higher Education to make changes to grant
(MN File Photo) Muscogee (Creek) Nation Higher Education is planning to challenge students to meet new goal

MCN Higher Education is making changes to tribal incentive grant

Skyler Drinnon/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma- Muscogee (Creek) Nation Higher Education Department is making changes to the Tribal Incentive Grant beginning this fall semester.

The Tribal Incentive Grant is a part of the MCNHE Grant Program. The program funds students who are attending accredited two-year colleges and four-year universities within the United States.

Previously, MCNHE awarded the Tribal Incentive Grant to students that met a certain GPA requirement with award amounts varying depending on enrollment status.

Students who earned a term GPA of 3.0 or better and are part-time received $350 and students who are enrolled full-time received $700.

“Creek students have met the challenge and now it’s time for a new challenge,” MCNHE Manager Pete Coser Jr. said. “The goal of the incentive is to continue pushing students to perform well in class.”

The grant will award students depending on term GPA only and remove enrollment status as a factor.

Students who earn a term GPA of 3.0 to 3.49 will receive $350 and students who earn a term GPA of 3.5 to 4.0 will receive $700.

“Any student, regardless of credit hour status, will all be eligible for the same awards,” Coser said.

MCNHE Scholarship Officer Jerrie On-The-Hill said that students are more than ready to accept the new challenge, saying students are ready and capable to meet the new goal.

“The capabilities are there and sometimes we have to find ways to draw those capabilities out,” On-The-Hill said.

Coser said studies performed by the Higher Education Administration have resulted in the changes for the grant.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, MCNHE awarded over 1,600 students with the Tribal Incentive Grant. Coser said this is the highest number of recipients that the program has ever had.

“This change is looking to challenge students to commit their academic performance to a higher standards,” Coser said.

On-The-Hill said that not all students are a 3.0 student, but Creek students have exceeded their expectations.

“I think they’re ready. More than ready to meet this challenge,” On-The-Hill said. “They are going to meet this goal.”

Coser said the changes are also a potential way to help part-time students because they are non-traditional, working full-time or are single parents.

“Those are some your students that are putting in the grind non-stop. Putting in the work with an extra three to four hours of studying after working an eight to ten hour shift,” Coser said.

The changes are set to begin this fall semester. Students will be notified of these changes before the awards will be granted.

For more information about the MCNHE programs, visit www.mcn-nsn.gov/services/education-training/higher-education/ or call 918-732-7661.

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