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Husband, wife protect, serve Nation

Husband, wife protect, serve Nation
(Photo Submission) Muscogee (Creek) citizens Theresa and Simeon Lee serve in an officer capacity with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Lighthorse Tribal Police Department. Simeon is a corporal with LTPD while Theresa is a reserve Officer. The picture was taken during their patrol at the 2017 MCN Festival.

“She is an independent person and I tell her to go for it. I will be there to support her.” – LTPD Corporal Simeon Lee Jr.

Married couple enforce law

Darren DeLaune/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Muscogee (Creek) citizen and corporal for the Lighthorse Tribal Police Department Simeon Lee Jr wanted to help others with something that he enjoyed.

“It is something different everyday,” Simeon said. “It is never the same.”

He served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 12 years and during that time was a military policeman.

“There is something about law enforcement,” Simeon said. “I kept gearing towards that.”

Now he is helping the Nation by being on the force with LTPD.

“I enjoy the camaraderie,” Simeon said. “There is a family-like atmosphere with these organizations.”

While an MP, Lee served as both a garrison policeman and combat military policeman. He said as a Garrison the officer does the same duties, just on a military base, while a combat military person is an overseas police officer that performs security details for units.

“As far as being an MP, there were two sides to it,” he said. “I was able to do both.”

He said his training took care of both of these types of military police. One situation was not singled out as they had to prepare for both.

“A lot of the training carried over to where I am at now,” Simeon said. “I am learning more things about the tribe and federal. A lot of the things I am learning follows the same format.”

He said there was not a big transition coming from the military to LTPD. He said there is less yelling from his superiors.

“Other than that, not much of a transition,” Simeon said.

One thing that Lee did not have while in USMC that he has now is serving with his wife, Muscogee (Creek) citizen Theresa Wisner-Lee, who is a reserve officer for LTPD.

Theresa said she never thought that she would be in law enforcement. She knew the legal field, but law enforcement was new to her.

“I wanted to help people,” Theresa said.

She said it was late last year when she became a reserve officer. She said it is different with the bigger jurisdiction the Nation has to cover instead of counties or cities that other agencies take care of.

“It has been good so far,” Theresa said. “There are various places to go to and patrol.”

Theresa thinks her husband is more nervous for her than she is for him because he has been in law enforcement for a while, but Simeon supports her in what she wants to do.

“She is an independent person and I tell her to go for it,” Simeon said. “I will be there to support her.”

Simeon finished his most recent training in Artesia, New Mexico to get his full-time certification to be an officer. It was a 13-week training provided by the U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs.

He spoke of his graduation.

“It was a long time coming,” Simeon said. “When you first get there you tell yourself that you do not want to be there.”

He said he built friendships and bonds with the other officers in the academy.

Simeon is currently finishing up his master’s degree in criminal justice. He said it is to help prepare for longevity in the police force.

“That is my goal,” Simeon said.

Theresa is currently in the reserve police officer academy in Drumright, Oklahoma where she plans on finishing in December.

She said she wants to be more of a staple in the law enforcement community.

“When I started, I was not sure if this was the route I wanted to take,” Theresa said. “I did not want to jump into a full-time job so I thought this was better way to get myself use to it.

LTPD Chief of Police Robert Hawkins spoke about the married couple and how they have helped the tribal police.

“It is an honor having them both with us,” Hawkins said. “They are both outstanding officers.”

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