Judge denies recusal in murder case

Angel Ellis/ Reporter

Creek County judge ruling supports Ramirez’s decision for forward

OKMULGEE — Okmulgee County Special District Judge Pandee Ramirez refused to recuse herself from the trial Amy Hall, who stands accused of killing two of her children while they slept and wounding a third.

Amy Hall was in court Jan. 15 as her defense attorney requested Judge Pandee Ramirez recuse herself because she has “connections to a deprived case.”

The judge was involved in a hearing on the care of the surviving child.

Hall started crying just seconds after she walked into the courtroom then later broke down in tears a second time.

Hall’s attorney, Travis Smith, requested Judge Ramirez recuse herself.   Smith argued that Judge Ramirez may not give Hall a fair trial, or could appear biased because of Ramirez’s involvement in a hearing focused on the care of Hall’s surviving child.

Prosecutor Carol Iski said there is no evidence the judge is biased.

“They are required to present facts and evidence to support their position,” said District Attorney Carol Iski. “So far, they’re just presenting speculation and innuendo.”

She further explained that guardianship and the charges Hall faces are completely separate matters.

“There is nothing neutral about a person having to sit in the best interest of a child and then try to be impartial in a preliminary hearing involving the same person,” Smith said.

He informed the court, should Judge Ramirez not accept his motion to recuse, he planned to appeal to Creek County District Judge Douglas Golden.

Judge Ramirez said she wanted to move forward with the case. Hall’s preliminary hearing for 9 a.m. March 8.

So far this makes the third attempt and third denial for Hall to have a new judge on the case. The motion to recuse filed in Creek County court was denied. Judge Golden ruled in favor of moving forward citing there was no indication that Judge Ramirez was biased.

Mvskoke Media did obtain child support-hearing documents from MCN District Court showing that the children killed and the surviving child are Muscogee (Creek) citizens through their father.

Hall’s preliminary hearing is set for 9 a.m. March 8. Mvskoke Media will continue to follow the case and provide updates.

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