Large’s spotlight in fastpitch softball

Large’s spotlight in fastpitch softball
(Submission) Citizen Kennedy Large earned a spot on the 4A All-District team three years in a row.

Large earned postseason honors in softball

By: Lani Hansen, Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma– Muscogee (Creek) Nation citizen Kennedy Large shines during her junior year at Byng High School.

Large is the daughter of Chad and Ashley Large, granddaughter of Suzanne Chaney, great-granddaughter of Jack Chaney and great-great-granddaughter of the late Dora Colbert Chaney.

She earned a spot on the 2019 Lake County All-Conference team and 4A All-District softball team. Large has been selected for the all-state team for three years playing as a left fielder.

Large is a dedicated player when it comes to softball, she makes her dad practice with her outside of team practices. Their team practices together during the school week and she practices with her dad on Sunday’s. He hits pop flies to help her catch as a left fielder.

“Doing work on my own time probably helped me get nominated for those teams,” Large said. “When I got asked to play on the teams I felt that the work I put in was paying off and getting recognized.”

During her off-season of softball, Large is also a starter for her high school basketball team. She has been starting as the forward position since her freshman year.

Her freshman year, Large had two role models that she looked up too seniors, basketball player Jordyn Eaton and Molly Rainey, softball.

“While Eaton was working hard to make herself better she was also making sure that she was making me better in the process, and I loved the way she poured herself into me,” Large said. “Rainey’s hard work in softball inspired me, and I picked up on that after she left.”

Basketball season is beginning and the team has made some changes this year. Large is looking forward to the growth as a whole team and is excited to see how they will be this season.

“As a citizen, I would want the younger generation to see how hard I worked,” Large said. “It was a dream of mine to start all four years of high school in both sports and I have accomplished that. I would want them to see that and accomplish their dreams or goals too.”

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  • John
    November 25, 2019, 7:17 pm

    You go girl!!!