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Local band makes headlines in state

Local band makes headlines in state
(DeLaune/MNN) The Brent Giddens Band plays at the River Spirit Casino 5 o’clock Somewhere Bar in Tulsa.

“We were on the back porch writing this song and getting it together.” – Leadman Brent Giddens said on writing of song that is getting airplay in Texas

Band mixes cover songs with originals

Darren DeLaune/MNN

OKMULGEE, Okla. — One local band is making its mark around northeast Oklahoma and in some parts of Kansas and Missouri playing classic country, red dirt and rock.

Cherokee Nation citizen Brent Giddens spoke about his band, The Brent Giddens Band.

“We are, I believe, at least one of the best bands here in Oklahoma,” Giddens said.

Giddens made his start in the music industry with “Brent Giddens and the VCR Band,” and would also do Elvis impersonations.

“It started, for me, having karaoke tracks on the CD player,” Giddens said. “I had to have a band to get into these casinos.”

Giddens said that when he was not singing Elvis songs he would sing country music songs.

“It was a lot of cover songs,” Giddens said.

Giddens said it took some time to go from the VCR band to the band they are now.

“I do like singing Elvis songs, but if I have a choice of Elvis songs and songs that I wrote I would choose mine,” Giddens said.

When they are playing at casinos, a lot of the time customers ask them to play cover songs.

“We do a lot of that,” Giddens said. “We try to do it just like the record.”

Giddens said the band also plays original songs. One of those songs is getting heavy airplay in the state of Texas.

Giddens said he had a melody in his head and with the help of ‘Native News Today’ host Jason Salsman, was able to fill in the missing parts to the song.

“We were on the back porch writing this song and getting it together,” Giddens said.

Salsman is the band’s drummer.

Giddens and Salsman have different interpretations for the song but say it still works.

Salsman wants the people to listen to it to be able to interpret it their own way.

“We made a song from his porch and it turned into this hit,” he said. “I want to create something and have somebody say, ‘Yeah, I know what that guy is talking about.’”

Giddens and Salsman are amazed that the song is getting a large amount of airplay. Giddens hopes that it will get picked up by someone and recorded.

“It would be great if somebody else, like Blake (Shelton) would record it,” Giddens said.

Giddens, like his drummer, are both self-taught when it comes to their instruments.

“He (Giddens) is coined as the ‘World’s Okayest Guitar Player,’” Salsman said.

Both Giddens and Salsman said that even though they play cover songs with on their playlist, the practice helps them get better. They want the mistakes to happen in practice and rehearsal and not when they are playing for the crowd.

“Even though you are learning your part, you have to learn your part in tune with the other members of the group,” Salsman said. “It has to be one unit.”

He said everyone has to do their part to make a good product for the people.

“We want to put on a great show for everyone that listens to us,” Salsman said. “We use that practice time to perfect everything.”

Giddens said they have a list of places where they perform at every weekend. He would love for it to keep going as long as possible.

He also understands the group needs breaks to deal with family and work schedules, but still enjoys playing music with everyone in the band.

“We want to keep it going,” Giddens said.

For more information on The Brent Giddens Band and tour dates, go to: www.brentgiddens.com.

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