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Manager musings: half a decade loving Festival coverage

Manager musings: half a decade loving Festival coverage
(Rebecca Landsberry/citizen) Me after a solid 12 hours or so covering the 2012 Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival.

Sterling Cosper/Manager

Camera in my hands, hiking shoes on my feet

OKMULGEE, Okla. — You might notice the photo for this addition to the ‘musings’ series is quite a bit less formal than the usual one of me in a tie.

This is more likely if you regularly follow my column and if you do, you’ve probably also noticed that I typically cover some heavy subjects.

However, this entry is going to fit its art, as I want to take a look back at covering an annual event that reminds me what I enjoy about this job apart from the big issues we address all year.

This photo is of me six months into my tenure as a reporter for the ‘Muscogee Nation News,’ just before talent went on stage at the 2012 Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival.

My editor at the time Rebecca Landsberry, who is now one of our board members, took this during a brief rest after 12 hours trying to cover as much as we could.

I was reminded of this by Facebook’s ‘on this day’ feature that prompts you to re-share a photo that was posted on the same date in past years.

I saw this prompt after interacting with one of our current first-year reporters who came into the Mvskoke Media promotional booth very excited from just a few hours out and about at this year’s event.

Jason Salsman (L) and Jerrad Moore (R) covering the Junior Olympics for ‘Native News Today.’

This all reminded me of how much endurance you can draw from loving your job no matter how long you’ve had it and made me realize that the Festival never seems to lose its luster.

I took a photo this year of Jerrad Moore and Jason Salsman covering Festival for ‘Native News Today’ and they show no loss of enthusiasm after working this event for about twice as many years as me.

A love of your job not only fosters endurance, but the motivation to create a quality product.

While I’m writing this, our team is still wrapping up our Festival business and processing all the content we gathered for upcoming ‘NNT’ and ‘MNN’ coverage.

The 2017 Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival Mvskoke Media promotional booth coordinated by Project Specialist Chelsie Rich and Graphics Supervisor Mark Hill.

I’m looking forward to the final product that comes from this and I hope you are too.

I’m already impressed with what we posted to social media during the event and the great job our business team did in coordinating the whole staff to run our promotional booth.

I also hope you caught the live ‘Mvskoke Radio’ broadcast from the booth!

There is a lot I personally enjoy about Festival.

From a coverage standpoint, I have always jumped at the challenge of capturing action shots during athletic events like the rodeo, cornstalk shoot, junior Olympics and softball.

Radio Specialist Gary Fife interviewing Muscogee (Creek) Nation Principal Chief James Floyd with Second Chief Louis Hicks at the MM promo booth.

But I think citizens Joe Jackson and Krisite Sewell summed up the broader appeal in my ‘People of Festival’ Facebook post when they explained what they like best about it.

“Everybody coming together. It’s like a big family reunion.”

I agree.

With mid-term elections on the horizon, it makes me think about how nice it is to have an annual mid-year celebration of why we conduct business at the Nation in the first place, Mvskoke Etvlwv, our people.

‘Why we conduct business at the Nation in the first place, Mvskoke Etvlwv, our people.’


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