Manager Musings: midyear has come and gone

Manager Musings: midyear has come and gone
(Mvskoke Media File Photo) Wow, I really shouldn’t wear black this time of year!

Sterling Cosper/Manager

Tribal free press outreach, Summer Youth, our business and governance

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Everybody ‘managing’ out there in the heat?

I’m sure trying to, and things will remain hot literally and figuratively as we move farther from Festival season and into all the usual and plentiful fall events later this year.

By the time this runs in an August ‘Mvskoke News,’ we will have gone to the annual Native American Journalists Association conference.

We were invited to present on the challenges of free press in Indian Country by our fellow free journos at the Grand Rhode tribe in Oregon, and our department won 11 awards this year.

Crazy, I remember watching the Osage, Cherokee and Navajo present on their free press during a past conference before we had our bill at MCN and thinking, ‘man, if only.’

Now we get to share our own story alongside a tribe that got it shortly after us.

I’ve also been working with NAJA to help another Nation that is looking into it. It’s great to be part of this kind of movement in such hard times for journalism.

A delegation from our team held a free press panel at the NSU Symposium on the American Indian in the spring. People, if you invite us to talk about this, prepare to give us a generous timeslot.

Things are moving along with operations that support our ongoing FoP efforts. You may remember a while back when I addressed the need to fix the seat term rotation for our board to make sure we maintain quorum.

Good news, tribal legislation to address this passed this summer.

Our board worked with me to review our options and communicate with the right people.

Go Team!

I still hope to work towards progress on other matters I addressed in the past such as a freedom of information act and freedom of press amendment for the tribal constitution.

These would further strengthen what we already have in the code of law.

While I’m looking to the future, Summer Youth joined us this year in all our key areas.

Jacob Factor is a great writer and takes outstanding photos. Check out some of his work from the Festival on our Facebook page. He’s also killer at editing and we’ve never looked so good in black and white!

Chantel ‘Rose’ Lining came on with our graphic design team and represented us well at Festival too by taking first place in the art competition.

To round it out, Laura Mason teamed up with marketing and business and was a natural at our Festival promotional booth. She also represented us well with the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council during the national UNITY Native youth conference this summer.

It’s bright outside and it looks like the future will be the same!

On the financial and creative end, if you haven’t checked out our online store at, do it!

We have great merchandise and apparel designed by our own Native artists with Mvskoke Creative, which is comprised of our business, design and printing teams.

Also think of us when looking for media services such as public speaking, copyediting, commercials and more.

Our people offer the best, and all proceeds will go to help support our financial independence efforts. So look great no matter what your interests and needs are while supporting us around budget season here at the Nation.

Speaking of, if you haven’t ever seen our report that runs with the rest of the tribe at the end of each quarter, give it a look. It provides more frequent and in-depth updates on some things similar to what I address in this column.

It is usually published on the tribal website at:

While I’m on the subject, I’ll give another plug for our own site, which has coverage from the editorial team and information about our business, operations and governance.

We have some other exciting ideas in the works that we’ll keep you updated on with our website or through our other social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Mvskoke Creative can be reached at and get ahold of anyone on our team by phone at: 918-732-7720.


STERLING COSPER Mvskoke Media Manager 918.732.7697 | Sterling was born in Wichita, Kan., and graduated from Wichita State University. His father’s side of the family is based out of Henryetta, Okla., and he started as a reporter with ‘Muscogee Nation News’ in January 2012. He is a music fan, mostly of the instrumental jazz and world genres when he is busy and a broad variety of others when he is not.


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