Manager Musings: What’s new

Manager Musings: What’s new
(Mvskoke Media File Photo) Black! Just in time for Halloween.

Sterling Cosper/Manager

Partnerships and sponsorships, T-Shirts and a podcast

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Despite my best efforts to avoid a weather-related lead this time, season changes bring new things so here are some to tell you about for fall!

We’ve had quite a few promotions throughout the year and some lately that are fall-themed.

You may have seen on the Mvskoke Media Facebook page, our giveaways for the Castle of Muskogee, The Tulsa State Fair, the Tulsa Powwow of Champions and our contest to sponsor an Oklahoma teacher for graphic design and printing services from the Mvskoke Creative team.

Stay tuned for another round of spooky opportunities shortly as well as some upcoming from The Tulsa Oilers, Safari Joes next summer and Tulsa Ballet, who we partnered with in the past.

Other past opportunities included Main Street Sweets for Valentine’s Day and FlyingTee along with partnerships involving The Lokal coffee shop and restaurant, Neal’s Furniture and Randy’s Food in Okmulgee where we featured their wonderful businesses with our polished video production.

We also offered a Best Western stay for the Mvskoke Nation Festival along with talent passes and merch through coordination with Tourism and Recreation.

Keep an eye out to win one of our many offerings, largely coordinated by our wonderful marketing team Breanna Dawson and Chelsie Rich, and refer or purchase one of our many graphic design, printing, advertising or media services opportunities seen throughout all of these.

Speaking of Festival (yeah, I said we were a ways out last column), we started featuring our incredible and unique designs during the event in 2017 and we’ve launched several since, with our most comprehensive effort yet posted recently.

This launch has three designs to choose from, a logo style stickball image and our take on the waterbird from Designer Daniel Roberts as well as one touting MCN with ‘Mvskoke’ stylized on the front and a southeastern design on the back by Designer Lindsey Arneecher.

Show your cultural pride and help support Mvskoke Media’s mission to provide independent information about MCN to you, the citizens.

We now have another platform in that vein. Multimedia Specialist Jerrad Moore helped me get the technical aspects figured out for a new high-production value podcast streamed through Facebook live.

We plan to use this for week-in-news segments every Friday so keep an eye out. We’ll be recruiting various members of our team, brief them on anything they didn’t cover directly and throw them on for a rundown.

It’ll be a great opportunity for you to put a face with the bylines and voices you’ve heard on ‘Mvskoke Radio.’

MR host Gary Fife did the first one with frequent cohost Darren DeLaune and we’re excited to keep polishing this format with a rotating cast.

Much like our new podcast, subscribe to our week at-a-glance email newsletter, follow news throughout the week, find out more about our many services or purchase our apparel at:


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