MCN spotlights economic role in Oklahoma

MCN spotlights economic role in Oklahoma
According a recent study commissioned by the MCN the tribe contributes more that $866 million to the Oklahoma economy. (The graph above was provided by Muscogee (Creek) Nation Impact Study)

Angel Ellis/Reporter

Report claims tribe MCN contributes $866 million to economy

TULSA, Okla. – Leaders from the Muscogee (Creek) Nation met with officials from the City of Tulsa and State of Oklahoma to share the results of one the tribe’s most extensive economic impact studies to date.

Unveiled at the meeting was jaw-dropping number, $866,157,110, which is the value that the MCN now claims its presence is worth to the Oklahoma economy.

According to MCN Secretary of the Nation and Commerce Elijah McIntosh, that total comes from a report the tribe began last year.

“The studied is based on the 2017 fiscal year,” McIntosh said. “We wanted to make sure we had good data to work with, so we used the last audited financial statements.”

“That was our most recently audited financial statements.”

Economic Impact Groups, a full-service consulting firm specializing in impact and policy analysis, economic modeling and market analysis conducted the study.

Dr. Kyle Dean, an experienced professional economist, oversaw the study. His expertise includes analysis for governments, businesses, tribes and non-profit leaders.

Included in the report were MCN Government, businesses, road projects, capital expenditures and state and local support.

The report breaks down the monetary impact of the tribe by region within the tribal jurisdiction and beyond the tribal jurisdiction.

According to the report, MCN contributes $866,157,110 to the Oklahoma economy. That contribution leaps to $1.4 billion when the models factor in the U.S. impact.

Some categories highlighted in the report include $4.1 million in employment and training assistance, More than $12 million in state and local education support, $8.4 million in high education scholarships, $7.6 million on transportation and $3.2 million in back pay secured for MCN citizens veterans and surviving spouses.

According to Dr.Dean, one of the key differences in this economic report and others is that there is no state government expenditure return.

“The thing I have come to appreciate in the uniqueness of tribes is that there is no multiplier,” Dr. Dean said. “How much would a state or local government have to pay to get back this kind of investment, they provide zero to the tribe.”

He said what sets a tribe apart from the situations in which a government body uses incentives to attract businesses like Amazon, for instance.

“How much would Okfuskee Co., McIntosh Co., or the City of Tulsa, Wewoka or Wetumka, have to pay to attract a business that provides this kind of return for tribal and non-tribal citizens alike,” he said.

To view the complete report and breakdowns.

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