MNYC April Update

MNYC April Update

Claudia McHenry/MNYC Speaker

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Hensci! Stonkon fullatskat? Claudia McHenry cv hocefkvt os. Mvkoke Etvlwv Mvnette Nafaktvlke Punayv towis. Hello! How are you all? My name is Claudia McHenry. I am the Mvskoke Nation Youth Council (MNYC) Speaker. The month of March was an unusually calm and relaxing month for the MNYC. Our month began with the MNYC participating in the Lighthorse vs Councils basketball game. This game was a fundraiser for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Angel Tree recipients as well as the Murrow Indian Children’s Home. I am very happy to report that the MNYC and the National Council came out as winners! Here mahe pokkecvlke! (Very good players!)

The March MNYC meeting was held on the 9thin the Creek Council House. Our agenda was short but we were able to talk and discuss some very important business like upcoming events, new volunteer opportunities, and a possible solution to a few attendance challenges that we’ve been facing. It was a good meeting with lots of great opinions and healthy dialogue; meetings like these are always good as they showcase what conflicting opinions can look like when people respect each other. That is something I will always appreciate about the MNYC and its members.

The March meeting was a monumental one as well, it was a closing chapter of involvement to one of our members, Nancy Deere-Turney. On March 17th, Nancy officially turned 25, meaning she aged out of our membership. We appreciate all of her time with us as a member and all she has contributed to us. Though she can no longer be a member of the MNYC we still would love her as a chaperone and alumni! Mvto Nancy!

In lighter news, the MNYC would like to extend HUGE congratulations to some of our current members. In sports we are proud to announce that a member of the MNYC, Tafv Sanders, placed second (2nd) at regionals and then went on to state to win FOURTH (4th) in powerlifting! Tafv is a Junior at Beggs High School. He has placed and broken many personal records, we are very proud of him and his accomplishments. Also, in the same token of accomplishments, we are proud to announce two members of our MNYC, Karen McGirt and Jasmyne Jack, are recipients of the Mvskoke Women’s Leadership Award in High School Student of the Year and Volunteer of the Year, respectively. These awards are given to outstanding Mvskoke women who live and promote the Mvskoke culture with a significant impact in their communities. We are very proud of these hoktake and encourage them to continue to be the very best versions of themselves!

The month of April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Anyone can be a victim and anyone can be a witness, honor and protect our youth as they are our future. As Mvskokvlke we respect and value our hopuetake; we should keep and create safe environments for them to grow and explore. Every family has ups and downs but its always important to remember that your community is here to support you. A village raises a child; it is imperative that our communities take an effort to be supportive of families.

I hope this Mvskoke Nation Youth Council highlight was informative and as always, I would like to say thank you for taking the time to read this article. Mvto!

To be a member of the MNYC, you have to be a Mvskoke youth between the ages of 12 and 24. We meet the 2ndSaturday of each month in the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Council House. Follow us on social media @mvskokeyc2015 or the MNYS program @mvskokeyouth. You can also receive text alerts by texting the word @mnys to 81010. For more information, please call 918-549-2557.

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