Murphy set for SC carry over

Murphy set for SC carry over
(MN File photo )MCN citizens will have to wait until the next Supreme Court Session to get an opinion on Carpenter vs. Murphy.  The tribe will have to reargue it’s case before the nations highest court.


This afternoon the Public Relations Office of MCN released a statement calling the decision for additional argument an opportunity.

‘The Muscogee (Creek) Nation respects and welcomes the Court’s decision calling for additional argument,’ the release stated. ‘The Nation remains steadfast in its conviction that the 1866 Creek Reservation has never been disestablished and very much looks forward to this opportunity to present further arguments to the Court this Fall.”

The tribe took the opportunity to spotlight its economic impact and positive relationship within the state and throughout the U.S.

‘In the meantime, the Nation will continue to serve all citizens within its borders, Indian and non-Indian alike,’ the release stated.  And continue ‘Its strong economic impact, which exceeded $860 million in 2017, and to enjoy a positive and productive relationship with the State of Oklahoma.’

The monetary figure spotlighted in the release was the central focus of the tribes latest economic report released the day before.

Angel Ellis/Reporter

MCN will continue to wait and watch Murphy

Washington– On June 27, the death row appeal turned jurisdictional boundary case for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation was restored to the SCOTUS calendar for reargument next term.

Oklahoma tribes watched as opinions rolled out on the five remaining cases in the SC 2018 session.

It was announced early this morning as Scotusblog announced: “The Chief [Justice] has just announced that Carpenter v. Murphy will be restored to the calendar for reargument next term.”

Carpenter vs. Murphy was argued before the SC on Nov 27, 2018, making it the oldest case without opinion on the 2018 SC session.

Mvskoke Media will continue to cover the development of this story. Staff reporters have reached out for comment from tribal leadership and will update as information becomes available.


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