Mvskoke Media earns ten national awards

Mvskoke Media earns ten national awards
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by Angel Ellis, Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma –Each year Mvskoke Media submits their best work to the Native American Journalist Association (NAJA), which facilitates professional development for Native American Journalist across the county.  This year brought them 10 awards.

Mvskoke Media Radio Specialist Gary Fife earned a third-place award in the Radio/Podcast general excellence category.

Mvskoke Media Reporter Kevin Barnett won first place for his work on Mvskoke Vision in the TV best feature story. His episode “Celebrating Second Chances,” placed him top of his category for work that explored the challenges of overcoming alcoholism.

“Some stories have to be shared, and Carmen’s was one of them. Addiction is a very real thing within the Native community, but so is recovery,” said Barnett. “I think that’s why her story was so well received.

Former TV Producer for Mvskoke Media Jason Salsman won third place in the same category for his episode “MCN Citizen is steward of the “The War at home” Mission 22 Memorial.”

Salsman was also awarded the second place in general excellence for TV, and Best News story for his coverage of “MCN Free Press Repeal passes Council.”

After more than a decade Salsman transitioned from his role at Mvskoke Media to a new position at MCN Tourism and Recreation.

Mvskoke Media won second place in print general excellence in the Professional Division II Print division, as well as third place in best layout and design under the designing eye of Mark Hill.

Reporter Darren Delaune took home third place in the best print/ online column category for his column titled “My sister is my Keeper.” Delaune will soon be transitioning into a new position with MCN Public Relations after almost a decade in the department.

Former Reporter for Mvskoke Media Liz Gray won Best News Story in a monthly/semimonthly division for her article “Questions mount on Oklahoma medical marijuana.” Gray recently transitioned into a new role with MCN Public Relations.

Mvskoke Media Reporter Angel Ellis nabbed two third-place awards. One in the “Best Feature Story” category and one for “Excellence in Beat Reporting” for her tribal justice coverage.

The Professional Division II category is filled with other notable publications from Native American journalists across the country who serve to empower others through programs and actions designed to enrich journalism and promote Native cultures. With more than 500 members across Indian Country, NAJA encourages both mainstream and tribal media to attain a set level of professionalism, ethics and responsibility.

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