Officials release revised regulations for medical marijuana

Officials release revised regulations for medical marijuana
Oklahoma State department of Health released revised rules regarding medical marijuana July 27. (Shutterstock)


Kevin Barnett/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma— State health officials released the latest draft of proposed rules and regulations June 27 concerning medical marijuana.

Since the June passage of State Question 788 involving the legalization of marijuana for medical use, advocates and opponents alike have been in a holding pattern waiting for rules and regulations to be finalized.

Shortly after its passage, the Oklahoma Board of Health voted to ban smokable marijuana products, require licensed pharmacists to be on-site at each dispensary and require female patients to undergo a pregnancy test.

These provisions, along with others, had some people questioning their validity, charging the board with “overstepping its authority.”

These more notable changes saw immediate pushback from both legislators and citizens alike.

“It was clearly the intent in [SQ] 788 that we have smokable marijuana. As the general counsel stated, that should be obvious to everyone. We never intended for a pharmacist to be on-site at a dispensary,”788 supporter and co-founder of Oklahomans for Health Chip Paul said in an interview with the Tulsa World following the board’s first round of rule proposals.

The new revised rules posted by the Oklahoma Department of Health deletes the above mentioned regulations and also removes limitations on THC content.

OBH will review and consider the new proposals at a special meeting Aug. 1.

Application information for the various types of medical marijuana licenses are now available online at However, the agency will not begin the process of receiving or processing applications until Aug. 25.


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