Oklahoma Mvskoke calendar

Oklahoma Mvskoke calendar
(Liz Gray/Reporter) Spring is a time for rebirth and regrowth.

Liz Gray/Reporter

An observation of the seasons

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — What I am about to say is going to sound real Native and real Oklahoman, bear with me.

I was coming home a couple of weeks ago from a wild onion dinner and I saw a man and his son doing a controlled burn, readying their land for the crops.

As I drove past, I thought of how wild onions dinners excite me more than just the food.

It is a reminder that spring is coming and it is time for rebirth and regrowth.

The sun will start to warm the skin and the winds will cool it down. Then comes the rain.

I never understood why the New Year on the Gregorian calendar is in January when life blossoms in spring.

My Oklahoma Mvskoke calendar tells me to enjoy this breezy weather while it lasts because once the cool and hot start to collide, tornado season is in full swing.

A lot of born and bred Oklahomans get excited, myself included.

Storms chasers and thunder buddies emerge to enjoy a time that brings people together whether it is seen as good or bad.

Once we survive the storm, it is once again time to celebrate together with the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival, softball tournaments and green corn ceremony.

Those looking for solace in the waters from the summer heat will occupy the lakes and rivers. Family and friends will pack the car and head out for the adventure that calls their name.

More tribes will have their festivals and then Labor Day signals us to keep in mind the leaves will start to fall and the color palette of the world will provide a faux warmth vision; red, orange and yellow.

Harvest will come and it’s time to ready for winter. Mother Nature calls our name from the front porch telling us to wash our hands and put a warm meal in our stomachs.

Restlessness will set in when it feels like it’s been cold forever and then it’s wild onion dinner season again.

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