Okmulgee declares Indigenous People’s Day

Okmulgee declares Indigenous People’s Day
(Kevin Barnett/Reporter) The Okmulgee City Council voted unanimously Sept. 18 in favor of designating the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day.

*After initial publication, Mayor Steven Baldridge answered Mvskoke Media’s inquiry about the status of Columbus Day, stating Indigenous People’s Day will be on the same day and not replace it. 

Kevin Barnett/Reporter

Indigenous People’s Day set on the same date as Columbus Day

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma— The Okmulgee City Council voted unanimously Sept. 18 in favor of designating the second Monday in October as Indigenous People’s Day.

According to Mayor Steven Baldridge, the change had been planned for some time with support from the city council as well as the community.

“We had been talking about this because it’s something that has been going on nationally. And we wanted to consider this since we’re the Muscogee (Creek) capital,” Baldridge said.

Muscogee (Creek) Nation National Council Rep. Del Beaver attended the meeting in support of the city’s proclamation.

“I appreciate the city of Okmulgee passing this resolution. I think it’s great, it may be a little overdue… but it’s a good step,” Beaver said.

Baldridge said he hopes other cities that are home to tribal capitals will take notice of Okmulgee’s move and follow suit.

“I hope that it sets a good example because we’re proud of our heritage as Americans and we want to honor the indigenous people… and I hope that they will pass resolutions as well,” Baldridge said

Beaver said the resolution demonstrates the economic influence of the tribe.

“It shows that we’re still around and we’re a viable entity within all these municipalities,” Beaver said.

In a follow up inquiry by Mvskoke Media, Baldridge said Indigenous People’s Day will be on the same date as Columbus Day and not replace it.


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  • Hokte
    September 24, 2018, 9:18 pm

    So…let’s celebrate Indigenous people and also celebrate the guy that raped and murdered them too! Kinda missing the point but I guess….step in the right direction?

    • evan haney@Hokte
      September 26, 2018, 1:13 pm

      hokte….a funny. back in 1971, while living in n.y.c. a handful of us heathens took a gallon of red paint and went to columbus circle to paint up his statue. the statue was on a column six feet around and rose in the air 40 or 50 feet, had to abort. plan b was the museum of natural history further up the street. there a statue of t. roosevelt with his two dogs attracted our eye. his dogs…on one side was a zulu warrrior, shield and spear…on the other was a native warrior also with shield and spear. we painted him up and it was reported as an act of vandalism on columbus day………….guess we missed the point also, at the time we were living in a tiny apt in little italy….we took the wrong step…buddy paul skyhorse got himself shot in the stomach by some italian hoods. didn’t die but we knew we needed better planning and foresight.

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