Online oversight

Online oversight
(Submission) Glenpool Indian Community posts financial reports to website for member inclusion.

Kevin Barnett/Reporter

Community creates new standard of transparency

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — In an effort to introduce a level of transparency never before incorporated by chartered communities, the Glenpool Indian Community are making board meeting minutes and financial reports available to the public onto their website.

“As a board, we wanted everybody to know what we are doing financially,” said GIC Chairman John Lusty.

GIC has also asked MCN Community Research and Development to conduct audits more frequently.

“We asked for an audit every quarter, because if someone is stealing why would you want to wait a year to find out?” said GIC Treasurer Shelley Jacobs.

The policy changes come as the GIC board gradually regains control of the community following an executive memo placing it under the oversight of CR&D in 2014.

The oversight directive was ordered on the recommendation of CR&D due to “inner turmoil of the community.”

Turmoil Jacobs says caused a decline in member/community involvement.

Since the board’s reinstatement, the community reassumed control of day-to-day operations with financial oversight remaining with CR&D.

The new practices have been well received by community members as well as CR&D.

“CR&D asked if they could use our website as a model for all the other communities,” said Jacobs.

Currently, the site is being improved to accommodate other community pages with plans to introduce the model to other communities at their next quarterly meeting.

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