Parking pain averted

Parking pain averted
Muscogee (Creek) Nation Tourism and Recreation Department aims to improve parking for this year’s MCN Festival. (K.Barnett/Reporter)

Festival parking to be improved

Kevin Barnett/Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Have you ever attended an event, an event that you may have been looking forward to for some time, only to have the whole experience sullied by the frustration that only an overcrowded parking lot can produce?

If you are a regular attendee of the annual Muscogee (Creek) Nation Festival, then it goes without saying that you have had some aggravating parking lot experiences.

Experiences like parking rows that were not quite rows, a confused and irritated visitor haphazardly meandering at a snails pace in front of you or maybe even the ‘circus lot’ that is the field south of the Claude Cox Omniplex.

Black Friday parking has nothing on the Nation’s Festival days.

Well, not this year.

In an effort to make festivalgoers’ experiences pleasant from start to finish, the MCN Tourism and Recreation Department has coordinated with the Lighthorse Tribal Police Department and MCN Emergency Management to make parking easier and more orderly at this year’s event.

T&R Office Manager, Ryan Logan said land is being cleared for more onsite parking at the Omniplex, with defined rows and clearer markers designating parking areas.

There is also to be an overflow lot at the MCN Industrial Complex north of the omniplex, but still within walking distance. For those that elect to park offsite at the Housing Building or at the MCN main complex, complimentary shuttle services will be available.

As for that dusty bumpy, dreadful makeshift field lot across the street, this year some type of barricade will be placed alongside the street making it inaccessible and therefore unable to crush any more jubilation.

So keep your eyes open for the parking signs, stay hydrated and enjoy this year’s Festival a little more.

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