Pittman orders new deadline

Pittman orders new deadline
(Submission) (MNN) Protective orders were filed in the Bruner case. AG office has one week to comply with discovery share deadline.

Discovery deadline extended in Bruner case

By Angel Ellis/ Reporter

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — Steven Bruner was present in court on July 15 for a status hearing where the defendant requested discovery files.

Judge Jeremy Pittman set deadlines for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation’s (MCN) Attorney General office to provide discovery in the last status hearing. It was ordered the AG provide discovery files to Bruner’s defense team by July 2.

However, in court on July 15 those files were not provided.  Judge Pittman ordered discovery be exchanged within a week.

Counsel for both the MCN and Bruner discussed the best method of delivery for the discovery evidence and agreed on the one-week deadline.

Bruner’s attorneys also addressed the court with concerns about the maintenance of his property while the tribe is holding it.

Legal counsel asked that the property be mowed so that the defendant did not accrue problems or fines for the property’s overgrowth.

On July 17, a protective order was filed in the case.  The order states the attorney’s for the case are protected in disclosing the discovery material. The order also noted that counsel for the defense could not disseminate the files for any other purpose except as necessary to prepare this case for trial.

‘The attorneys for the Nation, the defendant and the defendant himself are bound by secrecy in reference to the dissemination of the [external hard drive] HSI Discovery,’ the order stated.

It also states that the court is fully advised as to the nature of the case and the materials requested by the defendant.

‘The Court finds that the Nation must provide discovery and other investigative materials contained on an external hard-drive currently in possession of the Nation,’ the order stated.

Serving as prosecution for the MCN on this hearing were Adam Weintraub, Mark Thetford and Terry O’ Donnell. Counsel for the defense was Trevor Reynolds, George Miles and James Frasier.

The charges against Bruner were initially filed back in 2017. Bruner’s initial appearance was held Aug. 2017.  It was then that Bruner pled not guilty to one count of possessing unlicensed gaming devices and maintaining and unlicensed gaming site. Since then, the case has had multiple stays and two opinions issued from the MCN Supreme Court. Bruner is due back in court on July 25, for a status hearing.

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