Red & blue to weigh in on green

Red & blue to weigh in on green
(Mvskoke Creative) U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Cory Gardner held a press conference June 7 about a bipartisan marijuana bill.

Liz Gray/Reporter

Bipartisan sponsored bill would allow marijuana regulation to be determined by states, territories and tribes

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma — U. S. Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D) and Cory Gardner (R) teamed up for a press conference June 7 to speak on a bipartisan bill they are calling the ‘Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act.’

The STATES Act is not a legalization bill and would not force states to legalize marijuana. The purpose is to allow states, territories and tribes to decide regulation of marijuana without federal interference.

Gardner said many that represent a wide spectrum of political ideologies have agreed action must be taken on the subject.

“This brings clarity in the most simple of fashions,” he said.

Sen. Warren attributed U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ stance against the legalization of marijuana for the creation of the bill.

“Thanks to the Attorney General, more people feel the urgency of the moment in changing federal law on marijuana,” she said.

The bill would include some regulations regarding age, distribution and sales.

Oklahoma will be voting on State Question 788 that determines whether to legalize medical marijuana on June 26.

If passed, SQ 788 would legalize marijuana for medical purposes in Oklahoma. A state-issued medical marijuana license could be obtained through a board-certified physician’s signature.

A seven percent tax on marijuana sales would be enacted. Revenue from the tax would finance regulatory costs and any surplus would be distributed to fund education and the Oklahoma State Department of Health for drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Licenses would permit individual’s possession of up to three ounces of marijuana on their person and eight ounces in their residence.

Licenses to sell, grow, package, transport and research the plant would also be available.

According to Muscogee (Creek) Nation Code Annotated Title 14, marijuana in all forms is considered a Schedule I uniform dangerous substance.

In previous Mvskoke Media coverage, it is stated the Nation would not be required to change code if SQ 788 is passed.

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